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Genesys Cloud CX

Glance Cobrowse for Genesys CloudCX gives agents the ability to instantly join customers in viewing your app or website. Agents can guide customer navigation, answer questions, and assist with completing transactions. You can launch a Glance Cobrowse session from the Genesys CloudCX platform with the click of a button - no need for the customer to download or install any applications. Glance also offers the Mobile Camera Share feature, which allows the agent to send the customer an SMS invitation to view their mobile camera streams to troubleshoot physical devices or customer verification.

This page will guide you through enabling and configuring Glance for Genesys Cloud CX.


Before you begin, you must have completed the following:


At a high level, the installation process for enabling Glance in Genesys CloudCX is as follows:

  1. Install the Glance application from the wizard.
  2. Add users to the Glance role in CloudCX.
  3. Configure 1-Click Connect, and test joining Glance sessions.
  4. View the attached data and create reports.

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