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Integrating Glance to Agent Desktops

This guide allows you to integrate Glance into your Agent Desktop utilizing our generic Agent Package. This package contains an agent-side interface that allows agents to join Glance Cobrowse and Mobile Screen Share sessions, as well as Mobile Camera Share functionality.

Getting Started

Before you begin utilizing the Glance agent-side experience, complete the following prerequisites:

  • You have been provisioned a Glance Group
  • You have users with valid Partner User IDs provisioned
  • You have tagged your website with the Glance Cobrowse script, and have added a button or link to start Cobrowse on the site.
  • You have enabled SAML authentication with Glance in the Identity Provider of your choice.
  • You have worked with Glance Customer Success to onboard your organization. After this onboarding process, Glance will provide you with an organization-specific URL, and set allow-list settings for the agent desktop. Contact Glance if you need assistance.

Supported Platforms

Glance provides instructions for embedding the Glance experience in the following agent desktops:

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