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Amazon Connect


Add the Glance Application

To incorporate the Glance Application in Amazon Connect:

  1. Navigate to the Third-Party Applications section in Amazon Connect, and click Add Application.
Amazon Connect
  1. Under Basic Information, input the following:
    • For Display name, enter "Glance".
    • For Namespace, enter "Glance".
    • Enter an optional description for the Glance application.
Amazon Connect
  1. Under the Access section, enter the following:
    • For Access URL, enter the URL provided by Glance.
    • For Approved Origins, enter https://www.glance.net, and the URL for your IDP environment, e.g. "https://.okta.com"
Amazon Connect

Joining Sessions from Amazon Connect

  1. Navigate to Agent Workspace application.
  2. From the Agent Workspace, click the 9-dot menu and select the Glance application.
Amazon Connect
  1. You will be prompted to sign in to your Identity Provider, log in with your credentials.
  2. The Glance application is available and you can join Glance Sessions.
Amazon Connect

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