Browser Agent API

This API can be included by a Partner or Customer agent-side web application to:

  • Join a Glance screen share, cobrowse or 2-way mobile video session.
  • Lookup a session, or wait for a session to start
  • Open a new window to connect to a session.
  • Receive lifecycle and error events from cobrowse and screenshare sessions including agent video.
  • Close the session viewer window

Partner Implementation

  1. Include the Glance JavaScript

  2. Register for events

    • Register for events by calling GLANCE.Agent.addEventListener and/or GLANCE.Agent.addEventListenerAll.
  3. Authenticate the Agent

    • The customer application should call GLANCE.Agent.authenticate with a credentials object containing partnerid, partneruserid, loginkey.These parameters are stored within the GLANCE namespace and used to authenticate the user for Glance web services.
  4. Join a session by one of the following methods:

    • GLANCE.Agent.joinSession
    • GLANCE.Agent.openViewer
      • openViewer can be used to avoid lookup requests if the session is known to be running.
      • Or if SSO is not being used openViewer can be called without calling authenticate and the agent will be prompted to login with their username and password.

Example Implementations

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