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Creating a New User

Use the NewUser endpoint to create a new Glance account for a new Glance user.



Be sure to include the required authentication parameters with each request.

Also include parameters to describe your new user.

Parameter Data Type Required or Optional
PartnerUserID up to 255 characters Required
UserAddress Glance Address Required
UserPW up to 49 characters Optional
UserFirst up to 49 characters Optional
UserLast up to 49 characters Optional
UserEmail up to 127 characters Optional
UserRole up to 31 characters Optional
AudioProvider integer Optional

Parameter Details

PartnerUserID: Your unique ID for this user. You can specify any identifier up to 255 characters long. Some Glance customers use an associate / employee badge number or something similar. You may, if you wish, give the same value here as you give for UserAddress.

UserAddress: A unique Glance Address for this user. Glance Addresses look something like doe.john.example.glance.net or agent001234.example.glance.net and always end in .glance.net. Note the following:

  • Periods and dashes cannot appear at the start of the of Glance Address.
  • Periods and dashes cannot appear at the end of the of Glance Address.
  • Only alphanumeric characters are supported as valid characters for a Glance Address. Periods and dashes are also allowed within the Glance address, they just cannot be present at the start or end of the address.

UserFirst, UserLast: (optional) The new user's first (given) name and last name (surname).

UserEmail: (optional) The new user’s email address.

UserRole: (optional) The UserRole parameter specifies the subscriber role for the new user. If you use roles, you must provision them before you assign them. Some Glance customers do not use roles.

AudioProvider: (optional) If you supply a value, Glance will provision an audio conferencing account for the new user. Currently available values are 1 for Glance Free Conferencing or 666 for testing. If you do not need Glance to provide audio conferencing for your users, do not provide this parameter. If you do provide it, this operation returns audio account information in its XML response.


See here.

If the NewUser operation provisioned an audio conferencing account, the returned XML document includes the audio account information something like this.

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
  <dialIn>1 (605) 715-4970</dialIn>

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