Certain partners will wish to manage user registration via calls into the Glance server. This option is accomplished by making HTTPS calls to the Glance website. These calls are designed to be made either by some program on the partner server, or via requests made from the user’s browser from links or forms on pages served by the partner’s website. You must not use HTTP calls; only HTTPS calls are allowed.

The API calls are:

Parameters are passed via HTTP query string values or POST parameters.


The following table describes the parameters used in the User Provisioning API.

Parameter Definition
AudioProvider If AudioProvider is supplied, an audio conferencing account may be provisioned.

Current values are:
- 666: Fake account for testing.
- 1: Glance Free Conferencing.

The audio account information is returned in the XML response as follows:
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
     <dialIn>1 (605) 715-4970</dialIn>
OKURL If an OKURL is specified, the audio account information will be appended as three query string parameters (dialIn, hostCode and guestCode).

If audio provisioning fails an error is not returned, the account information will not be returned.
PartnerLogin Glance user name of a partner admin. This login is assigned by Glance. It is an error (see response handling below) if an unknown or inactive partner name is supplied.
PartnerPW The partner admin password. If this request is sent over HTTPS this should be adequately secure. Either PartnerPW or PartnerAuth is required.
PartnerAuth An alternate authentication using a time-limited HMAC_SHA256 LoginKey for the PartnerLogin account. See the LoginKey document for information on generating this parameter.
PartnerUserID The partner’s unique ID for this user.
UserActive Performs the same actions as UserSuspended but the values are inverted (e.g., a value of “true” for UserActive is equivalent to a value of “false” for UserSuspended).

Deprecated and will be removed in a future release release. Use UserSuspended instead.

If both parameters are included, UserSuspended takes priority.
UserEmail The user’s email address.
UserFirst and UserLast Are the first (given name) and last (surname) names of the user.
UserPW The user’s password. A password is optional if users will not log into the Glance client or website, but instead will be authenticated with the Login Key (Single-Sign-On) mechanism. If provided, a user password must be at least eight characters long.
UserRole The subscriber role to assign to the user. This field is optional. If it is omitted, or blank, or has the value -none- the user is not assigned to a role. If a UserRole is provided, that role must be provisioned.
UserSuspended A value of “1 | yes | true” will remove the user’s Glance subscription, rendering them unable to use the Glance Service. Suspended users do not count against your limit of provisioned subscriptions.

A value of “0 | no | false” grants the user a subscription to the group’s default subscription and allows them to use Glance again.

Suspending and reactivating does not change a user’s group membership or role.

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