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The Session Invitation web service sends session invitation messages to visitors. A session invitation message includes a session initiation link that the visitor can click to start a session. Initiating a session via a session invitation allows the visitor and agent to connect without having to read a session code over the phone.


The Session Invitation service accepts any of the following token types:

Type Description
GSSNID A Glance website session ID, which can be obtained from the Authorization Service
GJWT A JSON web token obtained from the AuthorizationService
GKEY A token based on login key in one of the following formats:

glanceaddress~loginkey (rarely used)

partnerid&partneruserid&loginkey (NOTE: partneruserid must be URL encoded)

Web services accept an authorization token in one of the following HTTP headers:

Authorization: Bearer

The Authorization: Bearer header should be specified in the form:

Authorization: Bearer type token

Example: Authenticating using a GSSNID with an Authorization: Bearer header

Authorization: Bearer GSSNID 9999.1520526914.AnEgh9MGCBSPHPwREDACTEDQtyg-wPT

Examples: Authenticating using a login key

Authorization: Bearer GKEY joegreen.glance.net~$1$1588630716$5J6UYDu5y3pgknd1KBQ1uq85_eDGRB87z1GSpJuKmgY

Authorization: Bearer GKEY 89087&984-ABC&$1$1588630716$5J6UYDu5y3pgknd1KBQ1uq85_eDGRB87z1GSpJuKmgY


An X-GSSNID header can be used to specify a GSSNID.


X-GSSNID: 208859.1588190775.HIM-TWY0-OWnc9SCWD3plUFDmQn09T

Example Request

The following is a sample request Session Invitation request:

POST /api/SessionInvitation/smsInvite/?groupid=72 HTTP/1.1
Host: www.glance.net
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer GKEY 72&12345&$1$1589912963$z5H7IXHSBEkxbAnDO5wlkuNno4ZgkFcqhAyJnJ577iU
Content-Type: application/json
    "sessiontype": 1,
    "smsPhone": "111-000-0000",
    "sessionParams" : {
    	"camera" : "back",
    	"resolution": "352x288"

NOTE: The phone number can be in any format, or just digits.

Handling the Response

In this example, the response will include a random session key generated by the server that will be used for the session.

    "sessionKey": "123456",
    "invitationText": "..."

The sessionKey can be used to look up and join the session.

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