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Activity Service Session and Guest Status

Glance service is provided via Sessions. Each successful session has two or more Session Guests. Notice that some methods in this API filter out sessions and guests in certain states. Also notice that the Glance subscriber participating in the session is treated as a session guest in this API.

These are possible session status values, described in detail in the next section.

  • A - Active, both sides have joined (host/guest or agent/visitor)
  • C - Completed (session has ended)
  • D - Dropped
  • E - Error
  • J - Session is being set up, and is waiting for a cobrowse or screenshare server.
  • K - Killed
  • L - Locked
  • Q - Quit. Session was Waiting, but was ended by host or visitor before other side joined
  • T - Timed out. Session was Waiting but other side did not join within timeout
  • U - Unknown
  • W - Waiting, other side has not joined yet
  • X - Completed (session ended but without a clean close.)

A - Active

An active session is one that is in use by a Glance subscriber and one or more other guests. After use, every A session will transition to become a C session or X session.

C - Completed and X - Completed

Upon completion each A session becomes either a C session or X session. Sometimes session guests (including Glance subscribers and website visitors) end their A sessions by closing their browser windows or disconnecting from the network. When that happens, a session may become an X session because it did not end with a "clean close" by using Glance's session ending protocol.

  • Sometimes A sessions end when a guest requests the end of the session. Those sessions become C sessions.
  • Both C and X sessions represent a successful interaction.
  • C sessions and X sessions do not transition to any other state.

J - Session is being set up

Newly-created sessions have this status. A session is created at the time a website visitor initiates a cobrowse session, or when a Glance subscriber starts a screenshare or video session.

L - Locked

A very few screenshare sessions get into the L state, and no cobrowse sessions. This state is part of Glance's way of preventing multiple sessions from different host machines for the same subscriber.

L sessions do not transition to any other state.

Q - Quit

Sometimes the originator of a session -- screenshare host or cobrowse website visitor -- ends a session before any other session guest joins. That makes the W session become a Q session. Q sessions do not transition to any other state.

T - Timed Out

W sessions cannot remain W sessions forever. If no second guest joins the session, it eventually times out and becomes a T session.

Screenshare and video sessions take ten minutes to time out. Cobrowse sessions take two minutes to time out. T sessions do not transition to any other state.

W - Waiting

W sessions are completely set up. Each W session has one guest: the originator. It is waiting for other guests to connect.

In the case of a cobrowse session, typically the W status means that the web site visitor is waiting for an agent to connect. But, if a website visitor inadvertently starts a session (by pressing a hotkey or clicking a cobrowse link, for example) the session will enter the W state, and then will transition either to the Q or T state when the user stops the session or when it times out. So, not all W states mean a website visitor is waiting for an agent to respond.

In the case of screenshare or video sessions, the W status means the session has been initiated by the host and is waiting for guests to join.

Every W session will transition to become an A session, Q session, or T session.

Session Guest Status

These are possible guest status values.

  • J - Joining (guest is in process of connecting but has not yet connected)
  • A - Active (guest connected)
  • C - Completed (guest has left)
  • X - Guest left session, by closing a browser window or dropping the session some other way.

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