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Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition

Glance Cobrowse for Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition gives agents the ability to instantly join customers in viewing your app or website. Agents can guide customer navigation, answer questions, and assist with completing transactions. You can launch a Glance Cobrowse session from the Genesys Engage platform with the click of a button - no need for the customer to download or install any applications. Glance also offers the Mobile Camera Share feature, which allows the agent to send the customer an SMS invitation to view their mobile camera.

This page will guide you through enabling and configuring Glance for Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition.


Before you begin, you must have completed the following:

  • Genesys Engage Environment with the following specifications:
    • .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher.
    • WebView2 Runtime installed through any Evergreen installation mode. Download the runtime here. You must install this runtime application, it is not provided with Workspace.
    • WDE or above.
  • Glance Account (group ID) and Provisioned agent user accounts with abilities to join Glance sessions
  • A site that is configured with the Glance Cobrowse script tag.
    • For 1-click connect, ensure that you set the following script tag parameters:
      • Set data-presence to API.
      • Set data-cookiedomain to the URL for your website domain.


  1. Install the Glance application files.
  2. Configure an Authentication method.
  3. Configure your group settings and set up roles within Genesys.
  4. Test joining Glance sessions.
  5. View the attached data and create reports.

Installing the Glance Application

Glance will provide a zip file containing all of the required DLL files.

Copy the following DLL files to the Genesys Engage Directory (traditionally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\GCTI\Workspace Desktop Edition) and re-run the Engage workspace.

  • Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.GlanceNetworks.dll
  • Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.GlanceNetworks.module-config
  • The dependencies related to the JsonWebTokens library


Glance supports two different authentication methods, one using SAML and the other using the Glance Login Key. The preferred and most secure way for authentication is through SAML.

SAML Configuration

To utilize SAML as an authentication method, you must enable SAML with your Identity Provider for secure transparent sign-on to Glance services. More information on setting up a SAML sign-on is available here. You can also optionally add auto-provisioning to your SAML setup.

After enabling SAML, follow the SAML-specific Configuration options when configuring the application.

Login key Configuration

Follow the Login key-specific Configuration options when configuring the application.

Configuring the Glance Application

Set configuration options for the application depending on the configuration tool you are using:

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