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Twilio Flex


  • All high-level prerequisites as listed in the Getting Started section above.
  • Access to a Twilio Flex Instance, and have followed the steps to create a Flex Plugin through the tutorial.

Adding Glance to a Flex Plugin

  1. After following the tutorial for the Flex Plugin listed above, replace the code in the Bing example with the following code:
import React from "react"
import { FlexPlugin } from "@twilio/flex-plugin"

import CustomTaskList from "./components/CustomTaskList/CustomTaskList"

const PLUGIN_NAME = "SamplePlugin"

export default class SamplePlugin extends FlexPlugin {
  constructor() {

   * This code is run when your plugin is being started
   * Use this to modify any UI components or attach to the actions framework
   * @param flex { typeof import('@twilio/flex-ui') }
  async init(flex, manager) {
    flex.CRMContainer.defaultProps.uriCallback = (task) => {
      return task
        ? `URL FROM GLANCE`
        : "URL FROM GLANCE"
  1. Deploy and release the plugin to your environment.

Joining Glance Sessions from Twilio Flex

  1. Navigate to the Twilio Flex Agent desktop.
  2. The Glance application is available in the CRM container window.
  3. You will be prompted to sign in to your Identity Provider to access the Glance application. Log in with your credentials.
  4. The Glance application is available and you can join Glance Sessions.
Twilio Flex

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