Glance Package for Salesforce

Glance for Salesforce improves the efficiency and customer experience of every call or chat session via integrated cobrowsing, screen sharing, mobile app sharing, and agent video. The Glance package allows your Salesforce users to join or start Glance sessions directly from a Salesforce record, and sync metadata about that session back to that record automatically.

What’s New

Glance for Salesforce has been rebuilt from the ground up to be more flexible and versatile. The integration allows you to configure Glance buttons for any object, including custom objects, thanks to a new flexible data structure for your session records and a drag-and-drop Lightning Component. We’ve also updated the styling to Lightning, and made many tweaks and changes under the hood to make the integration easier to set up and understand.

Legacy Package

If you integrated Glance in your Salesforce environment prior to May 2019, you have the legacy package. If you want to upgrade to the current package, follow these instructions.

Legacy Documentation

If you are using the legacy package, the following documentation is available:

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