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Glance Tab Does Not Appear

  • If you do not see the Glance tab when you start WDE, check the WDE logs for the option InteractionWorkspace.Glance.canUse = 1 under the Dictionary ConfigTasks. Depending on the verbosity of the logging, you may also have to stop the workspace to get to this, as it may roll over into another log quickly. This will only appear when WDE is first starting. If you do not see it, the privileges are not being picked up correctly.

  • Make sure the user is assigned to the GlanceRole. If they are not, they will not see the Glance tab.

  • Make sure you have all of the correct webview files located in the Workspace directory and the webview2 runtime loaded.

  • Make sure the parameters entered in the configuration section are correct. These parameters are case-sensitive, so they must be an exact match (including capitalization).

  • Check to see if the Disable Display scaling on high DPI setting is checked for the Workspace Desktop Edition application by right-clicking on executable for workspace in the Windows directory and then clicking Properties in the menu. Click on Compatibility and you should see the option.

Glance Tab Does Appear but Does Not have Focus with Interaction Being Delivered.

Check to make sure the Glance.{media}.activate-by-default option is added to the interaction-workspace section of Workspace Desktop Edition Application in the Genesys Configuration and the value is set to true.

Glance Tab Does Appear but There are No Glance Buttons or There is an Error About the Page Can't be Reached.

Verify the Glance.web-app-uri option is set to the correct URL. If it is incorrect, update it to the correct URL. You can see the URL the adapter is trying to reach inside the Glance tab of WDE if it can't render the buttons. Copy and paste the URL into a general browser, this will help you pinpoint if you have a network issue or something else is incorrect.

If the URL is changed in configuration, it will not connect for any Genesys sessions already delivered to WDE. However, it will resolve to the new URL during the next interaction coming in, without reloading the desktop.

Glance Tab Does Appear but Associate Cannot Connect with Customer Using Glance Buttons

If this is the first interaction after the adapter installation, check to make sure both the glance.token-secret and glance.organization.id are correct. If they are incorrect, you will still see the Glance buttons inside of WDE, however, they will not perform any functions. Correcting these will not resolve functionality on any existing Genesys interactions inside of WDE, but will on the next interaction that is delivered. WDE does not have to be restarted to pick up the changes for the next interaction.

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