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Set configuration options for the application depending on the configuration tool you are using:

XML Example

You can upload the following XML file as an example configuration for Genesys Administrator or Configuration Manager. Modify the placeholder with your organization specifics. See the reference page for definitions on configuration options.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <list_pair key="GlanceIntegration-SAML">
        <str_pair key="allow" value="MICROPHONE,CAMERA" />
        <str_pair key="label" value="GLANCE-SAML" />
        <str_pair key="mode" value="INTERNAL" />
        <str_pair key="url"
            value="URL PROVIDED BY GLANCE" />
    <list_pair key="interaction-workspace">
        <str_pair key="interaction.web-content"
            value="GlanceIntegration-SAML" />
        <str_pair key="views.CaseSideRegion.activate-order"
            value="GlanceIntegration-SAML,ContactView,SRLView,KnowledgeView,CoBrowseView,WebActivityView" />
        <str_pair key="views.CaseSideRegion.order"
            value="GlanceIntegration-SAML,KnowledgeView,CoBrowseView,WebActivityView,ContactView,SRLView" />

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