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Showing Roles

Use the ShowRoles endpoint to retrieve a list of roles you can assign to your users, and the number of users assigned to each role.



Be sure to include the required authentication parameters with each request. This request takes no other parameters.


Each ShowRoles request returns an XML response document.

If your request fails, it returns a failure document, described here. The most likely reason for a ShowRoles request to fail is an authentication failure.

If your request succeeds the document contains the requested information. It looks something like this example. Each role is represented by a <role> item. The <name> of the role is shown along with counts of <activeusers> assigned to that role, <inactiveusers> and total <users>. Inactive users are users formerly associated with the partner group, but have been deprovisioned.

When users have no role assigned, they are included in the item with the of '-none-'.

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
      <name>Role 2</name>

NOTE: Only roles with users provisioned (active or inactive) will be returned. If a role does not have any users, it will not be returned.

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