Presence / 1-Click Requirements

Presence allows agents to cobrowse with visitors instantly. Visitors do not need to click a link or type a hot key sequence, and do not need to read a session key over the phone.

The following requirements must be met in order to take advantage of Presence:

  • Agents must be using Glance for Salesforce or a custom integration.
  • Add data-presence="on" to the Cobrowse script tag.
  • Specify a Visitor ID on every page from which a Cobrowse session can be started. The Visitor ID must be known to the agent side CRM.
  • The Visitor ID must be unique to each individual who may be browsing your website at any given time. If two individuals are browsing the website with the same Visitor ID, the Presence Service cannot distinguish between those individuals.
  • Agents must have a valid Presence subscription.
  • Agent CRM must be integrated with the Glance Presence service via the Glance Presence API. Glance's Salesforce application is Presence capable.

More information about the Glance Presence API can be found under Customizing.

Disable Console Logs

NOTE: The ability to disable console logs is supported in Cobrowse version 4.9 later.

To suppress console logs due to presence, you must include window.GLANCE_COBROWSE = {disableLogging: true}; in your JavaScript before Glance is loaded or a session is started.

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