Login Key Usage

A Login Key can be used instead of supplying a Glance username and password when accessing various Glance services.

You can use the Login Key to start a screen-sharing session in the following ways:

  • Passing it to a web page that checks for an installed client optionally installs it, and signals it to start a session:

    <span class="nowiki">https://www.glance.net/InstallStart.asp?partnerid=[</span>pid]&partneruserid~[puid]~[loginkey]

  • Passing it on a glance:// URL to invoke the glance client:

    glance://startssn/webserver?key=[sessionkey]& username=[username]~[loginkey]

  • It can also be used to allow an agent to join a cobrowsing session: <span class="nowiki"> http://glance.net/cobrowse/AgentView.aspx?SessionKey=[</span>key]&partnerid=[pid]&partneruserid=[puid]&loginkey=[loginkey]

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