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Login Key Usage

You can use a Login Key in place of a Glance username and password when accessing various Glance services.

You can use it to start a session in one or more of these ways:

  • Passing it to a web page that checks for an installed client optionally installs it, and signals it to start a session:
  • Passing it on a glance:// URL to invoke the Glance Client:
  • It can also be used to allow an agent to join a Cobrowsing session:


[pid]: Your Partner Id, also known as Group Id.

[puid]: The Partner User Id identifying the Glance user.

[loginkey]: The Login Key you generate. A Login Key looks something like this. $1$1392680360$YsT2Kj8rOp6FaJOG69o3QOj-GUacRiOo7Gw6l1EPVB8.

[key]: The session key for the session to join.

[username]: The Glance Address identifying the Glance user

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