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Glance Company Live Agent Settings

Glance Company Live Agent settings are where you can choose various settings including Initiation, IE Fallback, and Cobrowse Window.

NOTE: For all Live Agent options, choose only one and then click Save.

Locating Glance Company Settings

Before you can choose Live Agent Company setting options you must navigate to the Glance Company Settings page:

  1. Click the drop-down menu located at the top-right of your Salesforce instance.
  2. Select the Glance for Salesforce app.
  3. Select the Glance Company Settings tab on the navigation bar.
  4. Scroll down to the Live Agent section to configure the Live Agent Company Settings.

Initiation Options

There are four initiation options for Glance for Salesforce Live Agent:

Verbal Key: Your visitor must start the Cobrowse session. They will see a 4-digit key on their screen and tell it to you over the phone.

Click on Associated Field: An identified website visitor starts the Cobrowse session and the key will display in a Lead, Contact, or Case field.

Link via Chat: A link will be sent in the chat stream for the customer to click on. This must be a link to a Glance Cobrowse enabled page on your website.

Automatic (recommended): The Cobrowse session will be started by messaging through the chat stream. The visitor will only need to confirm allowing viewing their browser. Instant Not yet implemented.

Cobrowse Window Options

Glance for Salesforce Live Agent offers three options for viewing a Cobrowse session:

  • None: Appears in the component pop-up.
  • Console Subtab: Not yet implemented.
  • New Window: The Cobrowse view is opened in a new browser window (or tab). This may be required if the customer site is not HTTPS, otherwise, you would need to set your browser to allow mixed content in the Salesforce Console page.

Set up Your Customer Site

You may use a Salesforce community site, company site, or any other website to set up your customer site.

For instructions on how to enable a site for LiveAgent Chat, see Salesforce's Create a Basic Live Agent Implementation. For instructions on how to enable a site for Glance Cobrowse within your Glance account, see the Cobrowse Getting Started section.

NOTE: Your Glance account must be enabled for Cobrowse version 3.0.2 or later.

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