Glance for Salesforce Troubleshooting

The following are answers to some common errors you may come across.

Error: “Unable to lookup session”

Console: Lightning or Classic

Problem Description

You receive this error when trying to start a session.


You may not be provisioned for Glance. You need to be provisioned with a Glance account in the My Account portal, and then provisioned for Glance in Salesforce.

Error: “SSO Partner User ID not set”

Console: Lightning

Problem Description

The administrator has enabled SSO in Glance Company Settings, and receives the error above. Remediation

This error happens if the identified PUID field for SSO is blank. So if you enable SSO, set 'SAML Federation ID' as the PUID field, but it's blank, you get this error. The fix is to enter the PUID in the field, or change the settings to point to a correct one.

Error: My users don’t see the Glance buttons

Console: Classic

Problem Description

When enabling a visualforce page with Glance buttons in Salesforce Classic, you added Glance buttons to your visualforce page and saved it following these instructions. When you went to look at case details, you had no Glance buttons.


Edit your case assignment rules to use the new page layout with Glance buttons.

To edit case assignment rules:

  1. Enter the object you want to add Glance buttons to in the quick find bar. This example uses cases.
  2. Under Cases, select Case Page Layout.
  3. At the top of your Case Page Layouts, select the Page Layout Assignment button.
  4. Click Edit Assignment.
  5. Select the profiles for which you want to enable the Glance buttons.
  6. From the Page Layout to Use menu, select the page layout that you added glance buttons to.
  7. Click Save.

Go back to Case Details to verify your case has buttons now.

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