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Glance Video

Glance Video humanizes digital interactions by providing the ability for agents to participate and lead a web-based, multi-participant video session with a primary cobrowse visitor. By enabling agents, visitors, and participants to visually interact face-to-face, Glance Enterprise customers improve key business metrics such as: CSAT, NPS, lead conversion, add something here about churnand sales close rates. A few key benefits:

  • Build, grow, and facilitate material relationships that rival in-person experiences
  • Built into pre-existing workflows – start calls with video and quickly escalate into cobrowse with video
  • Embeds directly into your website or mobile site, ensuring a consistent experience
  • Seamlessly connects into your existing CRM, telephony, and chat technology
The cobrowse toolbar.

To enable this feature, Contact Glance.

Glance Video Features

  • Ability to add additional guest participants
  • Multi-participant Video (up to 10 participants)
  • Accessible UI (conforms to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard)
  • Standard Cobrowse features such as PDF/XLS document viewing, masking, gesturing, Screen Share, and remote assist
  • Salesforce Integration (beta): agents can instantly join video sessions using 1-Click Connect


  • Multi-way Video Large (up to 10 participants)

    • First 9 display in grid
    • 10+ see preview - but do not enter grid
    • If one person in the initial 9 leaves the grid - then the 10th enters the grid for display (and so on)
  • Multi-way Video Small (display up to 4 participants with scrolling)

    • All participants are shown in turn on the 'filmstrip' UI.

Browser and Device Support

Glance Video is supported on a variety of devices, browsers, and operating systems, depending on the type of user in the session. Refer to the Browser-Based Multi-Participant Video table for a detailed breakdown.

Bandwidth Requirements

Glance Video will require different amounts of bandwidth depending on a number of factors. Refer to the Bandwith Requirements page for a detailed breakdown.

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