Below is a list of common terms used throughout Glance.


See Customer Service Agent.


A customer of Glance who subscribes to the cobrowsing service.


A content delivery network or content distribution network is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers.

Customer Service Agent

Your company's representative who supports your visitors in carrying out various tasks such as completing a purchase. Representatives who use Glance to support your visitors are known as Subscribers.

Glance Address

A subscriber's username on the Glance service. Glance Addresses have the form

Group ID

A unique ID, a four-, five-, or six- digit number assigned to your company by Glance. You may have separate Group IDs for your development, staging, and production environments.


See Visitor.

Masked Element

An element, often some text, in your company website containing sensitive or confidential data. Masked elements should not be visible to agents.

Masked Field

An input form field in your company website containing sensitive or confidential data such as a social security or credit card number. Masked fields should not be visible to agents.


This is your live site. When you are happy with how Cobrowse looks and performs in your staging environment, you can publish the changes to Production from the Settings page, and those changes will be live—no need to update any code on your production website.

Script Tag

A short snippet of Javacript furnished by Glance. When inserted into a Website's HTML, the Script Tag enables cobrowsing.


A cobrowsing encounter between a Visitor and a Customer Service Agent. A session may view one or more pages on a Website.

Session Code

A unique session identifier available to both the Visitor and Agent, allowing the Agent to connect to the correct session.

Session Server

A secured server that runs the Glance cobrowse service, accepting session updates from the visitor and relaying them to the agent. Glance operates multiple Session Servers. Also known as a “CServer.”


Used for new website changes, where you can test and accept changes such as adjusting colors or text for the UI, masked fields, or new versions of Cobrowse. The staging site may require a different Cobrowse configuration from the production site.


A Customer Service Agent or other person with an account on the Glance service.


Anyone navigating your company website. Your Customer Service Agents use Glance Cobrowsing to assist your visitors.

Visitor ID

Any identifying piece of information that is known about a visitor at the time a web page is generated.


Your Website. Your Customer Service Agents can use cobrowsing to assist Visitors to your Website.

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