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What is involved in the Glance Cobrowse version upgrade process?

For complete information on upgrading, see this page.

What are the main features of Glance Cobrowse?

Glance Cobrowse features include the following:

  • All features defined here

  • Effortless engagement with no passcode or complex key required for customers.

  • No proxy means there's nothing for your IT team to install, manage, or maintain.

  • Guests connect from Windows, Mac, or any browser.

  • Mobile support for every customer, no matter what device they are on.

  • No download

What is Glance Cobrowse?

Glance Cobrowse is a solution whereby customer service agents can simultaneously view web pages, live, as currently seen by visitors to the website they are supporting within the same browser view. With the visitor's permission, Glance Cobrowse also allows an agent to remotely assist a visitor's webpage, but can never view or control any other open browser or open applications on a customer's computer.

Since agents can see and share exactly what customers are trying to accomplish, they can provide a seamless and more satisfying customer experience. This type of online collaboration dramatically reduces frustration and can build lifetime customer loyalty.

To learn more how Glance Cobrowse works, watch the Glance Cobrowse video or visit the Glance Cobrowse web page. For more information on the Glance Visual Engagement Platform, visit the Glance Visual Engagement Platform webpage.

What is the difference between Cobrowse and Screen Share?

Cobrowse enables you to simultaneously view company webpages as currently seen by visitors within a shared browser view. There is no download on the agent or guest side.

Glance Screen Share is also a visual engagement solution that can be used alone or in conjunction with the Glance Visual Engagement Platform. The difference is that in a screen share session you can view a visitor's entire screen, not just specific company webpages.

Both Cobrowse and Screen Share instantly clarify online interactions providing an exceptional customer experience.

How long does the "Please give the agent this code:" modal display before it's automatically dismissed?

The code will stay on the page for a little over 2 minutes. If no agent has joined by that point, the session will timeout and the code will disappear.

How long does the Cobrowse session code last?

It lasts for the duration of the session. Any agent with the code can join the session while it's active, and only one session can exist at any one time with a given code. Once the session ends, the code is put back in the pool to potentially be used again. Session codes can and do get used repeatedly over time.

If the support representative gets dropped from a session, can they reconnect to the Cobrowse session with the same code, or will they need to prompt the user to generate a new one?

If an agent closes their browser, then they have left the session. Once the last agent leaves a session, the session is over. The session code is no longer valid for that session and a new code would need to be generated by the visitor.

If there are two (or more) agents in the session, and one of them leaves, the session would persist and the agent who left could re-join it with the same session code. As long as one agent remains in the session, it will continue to be active and other agents can leave and re-join as many times as they want.

If the user gets dropped from a Cobrowse session, is there any way for them to reconnect to their existing session, or do they need to generate a new one?

If the visitor leaves without clicking the end session button (e.g., closes the entire browser tab, shuts off computer abruptly, etc.), the session enters a suspended state and the agent sees a gray screen with a message indicating that the session is suspended. If the visitor comes back to a tagged page within 10 minutes and the agent has not left the session, then the session will resume automatically.

If all agents leave the session at any point (even during the suspended state), the session ends.

Suspended sessions timeout and end after 10 minutes.

How does Cobrowse integrate with my CRM?

For complete information on integrations, see this page

Can Additional Guests join my Cobrowse Session?

Yes additional guests are able to participate in a Cobrowse session. Refer to the Adding A Guest page.

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