Why Cobrowse?

Glance Cobrowse provides a collaborative experience that empowers organizations to resolve issues faster with fewer call-backs, reduce abandons, increase conversions, and deliver an innovative customer experience. Agents can instantly see what customers are looking at, show them relevant content, and guide them through a sales, support or service processes.

The benefits of using Glance Cobrowse are powerful:

  • Reduce abandons, increase conversions and improve the brand experience. When customers need assistance, there is no substitute for being able to see what they see and help them accomplish goals. With Glance Cobrowse, agents and customers are literally on the same page, dramatically reducing the frustration of online activities and increasing sales and issue resolution.

  • Enhance sales and support while reducing the cost per interaction. With Glance Cobrowse, companies can reduce time to resolution and eliminate problems that aggravate and alienate customers. Moreover, as issues are resolved, it becomes a natural progression to offer customers additional products and/or services that are personally applicable to them, improving opportunities for upsells and positively impacting the bottom line.

  • Glance Cobrowse simply works every time.

  • With Glance Cobrowse, there is little to no learning curve for agents or customers. Connections are instant. There are no downloads, apps, Flash, or Java required.

  • Moreover, it works for customers regardless of their device, whether they are using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Do I have to accept the Glance Cobrowse upgrade on Glance's schedule?

Glance supports both the latest version and the version prior. Your site must be upgraded to release "n" before release "n+1" becomes available. Glance can accommodate individual customer's test schedules.

How can I test the new Glance Cobrowse version before I upgrade to it?

Glance configures the new Glance Cobrowse version in a staging environment for testing. Within two weeks the release is pushed to customer production sites.

How do I know what is in the new Glance Cobrowse version?

Glance publishes release notes to keep you informed about the latest Glance Cobrowse version. Please email Glance support to request release note notifications.

How often do Glance Cobrowse version updates occur?

Glance Cobrowse version updates occur every two to three months.

How do I know when a Glance Cobrowse upgrade becomes available?

You can sign up to receive notifications of the latest Glance Cobrowse release upgrades. Please email Glance support to request new release notifications

What is involved in the Glance Cobrowse version upgrade process?

A Glance Cobrowse upgrade is a single setting change in the Glance database that determines what version/release of Glance Cobrowse the customer is running.

The upgrade process is completed within a few seconds. Following the upgrade, it may take up to an hour for web caching to take place depending on when the visitor connects to the customer's website.

NOTE: Web caching does not involve nor is it controlled by Glance.

For example, visitors who connect to the customer's website for the first time experience the upgrade immediately because they do not have anything cached on their browser.

However, if a visitor is on the customer's website minutes before the upgrade, the upgrade may take longer to propagate because the visitor has more recent cached data in their web browser. Additionally, this type of visitor is not impacted by the longer upgrade time because they will simply use the previous "working" version of cobrowse while the upgrade is processing.

What are the main features of Glance Cobrowse?

Glance Cobrowse features include the following:

  • Mask fields containing sensitive data from agent view.

  • Dynamic gesturing so agents can guide visitors with one-click highlighting.

  • Effortless engagement with no passcode or complex key required for customers.

  • No proxy means there's nothing for your IT team to install, manage or maintain.

  • Guests connect from Windows, Mac or any browser.

  • Mobile support for every customer, no matter what device they are on.

  • No download

What is Glance Cobrowse?

Glance Cobrowse is an integral part of the Glance Client solution whereby customer service agents can simultaneously view web pages, live, as currently seen by visitors to the website they are supporting within the same browser view. With the visitor's permission, Glance Cobrowse also allows an agent to remotely control a visitor's webpage, but can never view or control any other open browser or open applications on a customer's computer.

Since agents can see and share exactly what customers are trying to accomplish, they can provide a seamless and more satisfying customer experience. This type of online collaboration dramatically reduces frustration and can build lifetime customer loyalty.

To learn more how Glance Cobrowse works, watch the Glance Cobrowse video or visit the Glance Cobrowse web page. For more information on the Glance Visual Engagement Platform, visit the Glance Visual Engagement Platform webpage.

What is the difference between cobrowse and screen share?

Glance Cobrowse is a visual engagement solution offered within the Glance Visual Engagement Platform. Cobrowse enables you to simultaneously view company webpages as currently seen by visitors within a shared browser view. There is no download on the guest side.

Glance Screen Share is also a visual engagement solution that can be used alone or in conjunction with the Glance Visual Engagement Platform. The difference is that in a screen share session you can view a visitor's entire screen, not just specific company webpages.

Both cobrowse and screen share instantly clarify online interactions providing an exceptional customer experience.

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