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Upgrading Cobrowse

Several times throughout the year, Glance will release a new version of the Cobrowse visitor side JavaScript files. In general, upgrades require no code or configuration changes on the part of the customer. The implementation of the upgrade will depend on whether you are using the Glance CDN to serve the scripts or if as an organization, you're hosting the scripts internally.

Glance Cobrowse Upgrade Process

A Glance Cobrowse upgrade is a single setting change in the Glance database that determines what version/release of Glance Cobrowse the customer is running. A typical upgrade process would look like the following:

  1. Glance Support upgrades your version within the Staging environment.
  2. You test the Staging environment to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
  3. Notify Glance Support of the results. If everything is working properly, Glance upgrades your version within the Production environment.
  4. You test the Production environment to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Refer to the Multiple Groups page for an explanation of Staging vs. Production groups.

The upgrade process is completed within a few seconds. Following the upgrade, it may take up to an hour for web caching to take place depending on when the visitor connects to the customer's website. For example, visitors who connect to the customer's website for the first time experience the upgrade immediately because they do not have anything cached on their browser. However, if a visitor is on the customer's website minutes before the upgrade, the upgrade may take longer to propagate because the visitor has more recent cached data in their web browser. Additionally, this type of visitor is not impacted by the longer upgrade time because they will simply use the previously "working" version of Cobrowse while the upgrade is processing.

NOTE: Web caching does not involve nor is it controlled by Glance.

Glance CDN – Standard Implementation

If your site uses the Glance CDN to serve the visitor side of Cobrowse JavaScript files, Glance will first push the upgrade to your staging site where you can verify that the new scripts work correctly. Once verification from the customer side is complete, Glance will coordinate the final push to upgrade the production site.

You will be notified via email at least one week prior to the staging site upgrade. During this time, you may coordinate with Glance Support to set up user acceptance testing from your side and any included efforts from Glance as your MSA outlines. You will be given at least two weeks to validate the release before the upgrade is pushed to your production environment.

Upgrading the Self-hosted Cobrowse Script

Customers who host their own scripts will download the new scripts from the Glance CDN as described in Self-hosted Script, followed by updating the staging or production sites to reference the new scripts.

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