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Cobrowse Overview

Setting up a Cobrowse Session

Get Glance Cobrowse up and running for your team in no time. This section provides an overview of the steps required for setting up Cobrowse on your company website.

At a high level, the workflow for setting up Cobrowse is:

  1. Find your Cobrowse script tag.
  2. Customize the script tag.
  3. Add the cobrowse script tag.
  4. Create and add a cobrowse button to your web page.

Once you set up Cobrowse, an agent can direct a visitor to click a link or button on the website and shares the code that appears, or it can be integrated into the agent's CRM system so that the agent can initiate a session for the visitor to accept.

Cobrowse Flow.

NOTE: For information about incorporating your CRM with Presence. Visit the Presence Page.

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