Cobrowse Quick Start

Get Glance Cobrowse up and running for your team in no time. This section walks you through the steps to set up Cobrowse into your company website. It covers the basics of using product features, settings, and controls.

More detailed information on how to customize Cobrowse can be found under Customizing.

At a high level, the workflow for setting up Cobrowse is:

  1. Find your Cobrowse script tag.
  2. Customize the script tag.
  3. Add the cobrowse script tag.
  4. Create and add a cobrowse button to your web page.

Once you set up Cobrowse, you will be ready to have your agents guide customers through any web transaction inside a shared browser window.

For information on how to integrate Cobrowse with your CRM, visit Glance Integrations.

See the Security section for specific information on security settings.

See the Glossary for more information about our terminology.

NOTE: A new version of the Agent Viewer interface is available. You can read more about the interface changes in our Agent Viewer guide here. To enable this interface, Contact Glance.

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