Upgrading FAQ

Do I have to accept the Glance Cobrowse upgrade on Glance's schedule?

Glance supports both the latest version and the version prior. Your site must be upgraded to release "n" before release "n+1" becomes available. Glance can accommodate individual customer's test schedules.

How can I test the new Glance Cobrowse version before I upgrade to it?

Glance configures the new Glance Cobrowse version in a staging environment for testing. Within two weeks the release is pushed to customer production sites.

How do I know what is in the new Glance Cobrowse version?

Glance publishes release notes to keep you informed about the latest Glance Cobrowse version. Please email Glance Support to request release note notifications.

How often do Glance Cobrowse version updates occur?

Glance Cobrowse version updates occur every two to three months.

How do I know when a Glance Cobrowse upgrade becomes available?

You can sign up to receive notifications of the latest Glance Cobrowse release upgrades.

Please email Glance Support to request new release notifications.

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