To support accessibility, the Glance Cobrowse visitor user interface supports standards for screen readers and has built-in aria-label attributes.

The visitor interface supports activities such as starting a session, ending a session, and agent guidance gesturing for visually impaired customers using screen readers. By default, the agent code box is accessible, so that you can easily instruct visitors to read the code to start a session.

Screen Reader Gesturing

Screen reader gesturing allows agents to guide customers by clicking on a page element, which automatically activates the visitor's screen reader to read the clicked element out loud.

This feature ensures that any guidance by the agent is understood by the customer. Additionally, you can customize the cobrowse visitor interface for your corporate standards, including accessibility requirements.

Using Screen Reader Gesturing

  1. A cobrowse session is started with a visitor who is visually impaired and uses a screen reader.

  2. In the top-right corner of the agent view, click the G icon and select Enable Accessibility. If you do not see this option, Contact Glance. The settings tab.

  3. In the agent view, click an interface element.

  4. The screen reader tool reads the clicked element out loud to the visually-impaired user.

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