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Report A Problem

Report a problem is a tool available to agents within a Cobrowse session, provided they have the permission assigned within their Glance user record. Agents can submit an issue during a session and Glance automatically logs the following information:

  • The web page the problem was reported from
  • The preceding pages visited
  • The client browser details
  • Timestamp
  • Session Details

This information is logged for your administrator to review and act on as needed.

NOTE: Problem reports are not managed by the Glance Support staff.

Reporting A Problem

During a Cobrowse session, agents can access the Report a Problem Tool from the session information toolbar.

  1. Click the Visitor Information icon.
  1. Click the Report a Problem button.
  1. Click the radio button next to any applicable errors and fill out the additional details if needed.
  1. Click Send.

NOTE: Submissions cannot be made after the session has ended.

Session Problem Reports

Administrators can review sessions that had a problem reported within glance.net.

  1. Select the Activity tab.
  2. Enter the date range next to Show activity history for.
  3. Scroll down to the Session Problem Reports section to view the details of the problems reported. RAP.
  4. Click Export Detail or Export this Summary to download this report.

Best Practices

Glance recommends reviewing problem reports daily at go-live, weekly until stable, and monthly while Cobrowse sessions are active.

Verify at the end of your implementation that the Report a Problem owners are set up with Glance to receive an email summarizing your reported problems for the desired period.

If there are a couple of reported issues

  • Attempt to reproduce the issue using the details provided.
  • Follow up with the agent who reported the problem if additional details are needed.
  • Work with your IT team to investigate, reproduce, and resolve issues.
  • Publish a broadcast to Glance users with updates/training notes.

If there are several reported issues

  1. Select the option to Export Detail from the Activity tab to download a CSV file of the reported issues.
  2. Save the downloaded CSV file and analyze patterns in the issues reported. (e.g., Sort by "URL" and then review whether there are patterns in visitor or agent browser/OS.)
  3. Catalog the issues. (e.g., separate training notes from the issues that need to be reproduced/investigated.)
  4. Work with your IT team to investigate, reproduce, and resolve issues.
  5. Publish a broadcast to Glance users with updates/training notes.

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