System Requirements

All browsers and other software used with Glance must support TLS 1.2. See this page for more information.

Operating Systems

  • Windows
    • 10+
  • macOS
    • latest and previous version
  • iOS
    • Cobrowse
      • 12.0+
    • Screen Share SDK
      • 12.0+
    • Mobile Camera Share
      • 12.0+
  • Android
    • Cobrowse
      • 7.1+
    • Screen Share SDK
      • 7.1+
    • Mobile Camera Share
      • 7.1+


  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari
    • Latest and previous version.
  • Internet Explorer 11

These are used in the following scenarios:

  • Cobrowse sessions with customers
  • Viewing cobrowse sessions
  • Viewing screen share sessions
  • Starting screen share sessions
  • Pushing client software for desktop screen share sessions
  • Viewing video streams

NOTE: Glance does not recommend using its webservices in Incognito/Private modes. Private browsing modes affect how session storage, cookies, and other browser functionality work, and we do not guarantee all Glance functions will work properly when using them.

For testing purposes, Glance recommends clearing cache and cookies after making configuration changes, instead of using private browsing.

Browser-Based Multi-Participant Video

Visitors and Guests

OS/Device Browser Background Effects Supported
Windows, version 10 and later Chrome, Edge Blur
Mac, latest and previous version Chrome, Safari Blur
iPad & iPhone, iOS version 13.4.1 and later Safari No
Android, OS version 10 and later Chrome No


OS/Device Browser Background Effects Supported
Windows, version 10 and later Chrome, Edge Blur, Image, Color Fill
Mac, latest and previous version Chrome Blur, Image, Color Fill

Multi-participant video requires cobrowse version 5.0 or above.

Background Effects

Background effects during video sessions has the additional requirement of WebGL being enabled in the browser. To check whether your browser supports WebGL, go here.

Glance Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Agent Side - Cobrowse

  • IE 11 is not a supported browser for agents connecting to any type of Glance session, including Cobrowse, Screen Share, Agent Video, etc.

  • Agents using that browser and attempting to connect to a Glance session will receive an error message notifying them that they are not using a supported browser and requiring them to switch to one that is supported.

Visitor Side - Cobrowse

  • Cobrowse 4.15 (released 10/1/2020) is the last version of cobrowse compatible with IE 11.

  • Future versions of cobrowse will not support IE 11.

    • A website visitor using IE 11 and attempting to start a cobrowse session on a web property configured to use a version above 4.15 will default to 4.15. Self-hosted customers will need to implement this logic on their own.

    • Glance does not support debugging of IE 11 specific defects for new customer deployments.

  • Certain advanced features of cobrowse (e.g., cross domain cobrowsing) are not supported in IE 11 on any version of Cobrowse

Visitor Side - Screen Share

Glance supports Internet Explorer 11, current and immediate prior release.

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