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Service Components

This is a breakdown of each component that makes up the Glance Service to add context to our release notes.

Component Description Effects Upgrading
Website All web servers, database, APIs, web pages on glance.net. My Account, Cobrowse & Screen Share Viewers, Customization option, Features for user management and privileges, etc. Automatic for all customers.
Cobrowse JavaScript library to equip web properties with Cobrowse. Features during cobrowse sessions, Performance for website visitors during sessions, improvements to ensure 1-1 matched view. Contact Glance to upgrade.
Video Enables Agent 1-Way and Multi-Participant video in Cobrowse and Mobile Camera Share video. Agent 1-Way Video, Multi-Participant Video, Mobile Camera Share, and Mobile SDK. Automatic for all customers.
Salesforce Managed Package The Glance for Salesforce package that provides the ability for integrated cobrowsing, screen sharing, mobile app sharing, and video. The Glance for Salesforce integration. Download here.
Mobile SDK Glance SDK for running screen share sessions on Android and iOS. Features during screen share sessions, Screen share capture, Default UI. Find new builds in our GitLab repo.
Glance Client Desktop client for hosting screen share sessions, joining Cobrowse, Mobile and Desktop sessions, and running Agent Video. Screen Share capture, Features to use during sessions, client UI. Download from our help site.
Glance Agent Package Provides the ability for integrated Cobrowsing, mobile app sharing, and mobile camera share sessions across agent desktops. Genesys Cloud CX, Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition, Genesys Workspace Web Edition, All Platforms listed here Automatic Updates
Genesys WDE Glance Customization Provides the ability to add the Glance experience for integrated Cobrowsing, mobile app sharing, and mobile camera share sessions to the Genesys Engage Workspace. Glance for Workspace Desktop Edition Contact Glance
GlanceGuest Small (1MB) desktop client used by your customers to quickly share their screen with your support agent. Screen share capture, features to use during sessions, client UI. Distributed to your customers automatically.
Presence Enables 1-Click Connect for Cobrowse and Mobile sessions. Functionality and Scalability. Automatic for all customers.
Session Servers Handle Cobrowse, Screen Share and Video sessions. Features and UI during sessions. Automatic, but some features may require upgrading Glance software.

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