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6.6 SDK - December 4, 2023

Default UI as a Package

The Glance SDK UI has been extracted to a standalone module, so you can use only the core features without any UI or you can use/change the UI code to match your application needs. The package includes sample apps showing how to use it.

Two-Way Video + Screen Share

The SDK now allows two-way video to be utilized during screen-sharing sessions. With one click, agents can connect face-to-face with your customers and naturally collaborate in your app. Or, start with screen share in the app and introduce video as needed in the conversation. How the experience works can be configured inside your app or managed in your group's settings.

Mobile Session UI Redesign

The Glance SDK UI has a more intuitive look and feel that supports two-way video communication. Video and controls are grouped into a movable widget that glides over your app experience.

  • The widget can escalate to different modes (and sizes) depending on the visitor/agent's needs.
  • The video widget will return to one of four corners when moved by your finger or collapse off-screen into a tab when pushed off-screen.
  • The video widget can expand to "Large Mode" for a focused face-to-face conversation.
  • During large mode, the mobile user can show their rear camera for sharing documents or other things in their physical space.
  • Alerts and prompts can be customized with your own language, styles, and links to terms & conditions to keep the experience consistent with your brand.
  • Session UI supports screen readers, allowing visually impaired customers to get auditory feedback on session status and swipe through session controls on top of the app.

Agent Session Controls

Agents now have more control over the session experience to better connect with customers.

  • Agents can move the customer's video widget around the screen, choosing a corner to leave it in or taking it off-screen in a tab to focus on the app content.
  • Agents can also dynamically change the experience to large and small video modes, allowing them to drive face-to-face connections before taking action in the app.
  • On occasions when customers inadvertently share their video, the agent can turn their camera off. Only customers can turn the video back on when they are ready.

Note: Session controls are for mobile phone sessions only. Desktops and tablets are not supported.


  • Easier integration and usage.
  • Improved stability when connecting to Presence on iOS.
  • Increased character limit for visitor IDs with Presence to 100.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS that prevented agents from offering sessions via Presence if the visitor had already completed a session.
  • Moved critical features like Visitor Initialization and Session Start out of the main (UI) thread to make it asynchronous on Android.
  • Cleaned Proguard rules to ensure that the built artifacts have only the necessary content, resulting in the artifacts getting smaller (Android).
  • Enabled SPM integration (iOS).

Retirements & Support

  • The Glance SDK integration with VoIP is being retired. We recommend using the device's onboard voice capabilities instead.
  • The standalone 2-Way Video SDK is being retired. For 2-way video capabilities, use the standard Glance 6.6 SDK.
  • The previous 5.7 SDK generation remains supported for the time being.

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