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2018 Archive

4.3 Panorama – December 14, 2018

Glance's online services will be dropping support for TLS 1.0 soon (more information here). This version of Panorama for Windows introduces support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 alongside numerous other improvements and fixes, detailed below.

New Features

Better Cobrowsing: Panorama's embedded browser for Cobrowse sessions has been upgraded, supporting our latest improvements to deliver an exactly matched view of what customers see on your website. Show That Again: Panorama will now remember which monitor or app was shown during last session and automatically show that the next time you click Show. Future Ready: Added support for messages about Glance trials, subscriptions, billing and upgrades.

Upgrades and Improvements

  • TLS 1.0 no longer supported in Panorama client.
  • Improved Uninstaller to more thoroughly remove Glance files.
  • Improved Panorama UI to accommodate taskbar positions other than the bottom.
  • Adjusted Panorama UI so it won't overlap on top of another activated app.
  • Removed legacy plugins and menu options.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Panorama from installing for certain user types in Windows.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes make an error pop after ending a Cobrowse session with Agent Video.
  • Fixed an issue where Agent Video wouldn't work with some webcam configurations.

4.3 Cobrowse – October 10, 2018

This release contains a new Cobrowsing feature:

Cross Domain iframes: The ability for the cobrowse session to include the contents of iframes which are on a different domain from the parent page This feature is an extension to Cross Domain Cobrowse – the ability to start cobrowse on one tagged domain and continue on another.

This release is opt-in: please contact your SE for details.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Integration: Angular objects containing the word 'iFrame' now properly treated as objects/classes instead of iFrames.
  • Usability: Menu does not disappear from the Agent side when Customer closes it; now handled.
  • Usability: Improvements with handling refresh/reload of objects which led to content disappearing instead of reloading.
  • Usability: Text header content missing due to CONTENT diff handled incorrectly for element with a child comment node. (IE 11 only)

4.3 Website – October 1, 2018

This is a minor update, mostly focused on scalability and usability. A detailed list is below, but we do not expect any customer impact.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Browsers: Safari 12 is now supported.
  • Security: Performed annual External Penetration Testing and implemented security improvements.
  • Partner API Enhancement: Get a list of Roles. This provides the ability to get a list of available roles for employee provisioning.
  • My Account: Permission setting to enable joining SDK settings.
  • Screen share webviewer: Remote control restrictions are now supported.
  • Screen share webviewer: updated UI and new Zoom button that can be moved side to side.
  • Website: general usability and stability improvements.

4.2 Website, Cobrowse, GlanceGuest – June 26, 2018


Building further upon our foundational changes in Glance 4.0, we are proud to announce a new capability for a Glance user agent to view multiple desktop computers at the same time.

When you need to see a customer's screen, you can now guide them to one universal URL for your company. Upon arriving, your customer will be guided to download a ~3MB client, which will then present to them a session key to give to you. From your CRM console or a specific join page, you can click Join, enter the key, and you're Glancing!

To view another computer, simply repeat this process with your customer on each computer you need to view. You will have a view of each desktop in its own browser tab.

This comes with numerous other improvements:

  • NEW Session Start page: a ground-up redesigned page that more clearly guides customers on how to download and invoke the Glance client on all major browsers on Windows and Mac. This page is translated in English, French, Canadian French and Portuguese.
  • NEW GlanceGuest client: a refined UI for Windows and Mac that more clearly displays what customers can control without getting in the way. You can also now gesture while viewing a Mac desktop.
  • Improved security: only authenticated Glance user agents may join sessions started by customers.
  • No client software needed: Agents can view desktops with the new Webviewer introduced in our 4.1 release, which features better picture quality and improved stability over weak connections. The new GlanceGuest client will be rolled out initially to specific customers before becoming the standard client for all users viewing customer desktops.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • GlanceGuest client: Fixed an issue that would cause Mac users to download Glance again after joining a second session.
  • GlanceGuest client can be moved around the screen from blank space at the top, in addition to the grippy dots in the top-left corner.

Glance Website

  • Increased the amount of user activity you can view from the Activity tab in My Account.
  • Added a message to screen share join page about data collection for GDPR compliance.
  • Added a security.txt file to the website for ethical disclosures of any found security vulnerabilities in the future.
  • Fixed an issue where users without a Glance address were displayed improperly when viewing them from the Activity tab in My Account.
  • New Feature: You can now export a list of all users and their roles from the Portal.
  • Added new error messaging for SAML requests to more easily troubleshoot configuration errors.
  • Numerous database optimizations for faster reporting.
  • Added diagnostic tracking to the MultiView start page.


  • Upgraded a compression library to avoid an issue on some web pages where the agent didn't receive a full recreation of the customer's page.
  • Changed how the Cobrowse script captures the agent's cursor during page loads to avoid an issue on some pages where the agent cursor would get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented an agent from requesting remote control through a UI other than Glance's built-in options when the view is in an iframe.
  • Added logic for pages that don't define a doctype for iframes to avoid rendering the view in quirks mode.
  • Added support for comment nodes to avoid an issue on some pages where text would not appear in the agent view because of comment nodes on the page.
  • Modified how Cobrowse retrieves stylesheets to increase the chance of using the correct path when the path changes.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

4.1 Website, Panorama, Mobile SDK, Cobrowse – May 24, 2018

Panorama, Cobrowse, Mobile SDK, Glance for Salesforce This release builds significantly upon the foundational changes we made in our 4.0 release and 4.1 website release. We have a new product for Mobile now available, and we have made significant improvements to other products.

N09 9EW: Glance App Sharing for Mobile We are proud to officially launch our mobile SDK for iOS and Android that allows screen sharing within a mobile application for live in-app support. It uses the same screen sharing technology we have refined over many years, optimized and refined for service and support scenarios for customers on mobile devices.

Mobile SDK Features

  • Customer can share their screen with an agent directly from the app, no configuration or installation necessary.
  • Embedded VoIP client for in-app voice calls that can be integrated with your company's Voice system.
  • Field masking to protect customer information within your app.
  • Sharing locked to your mobile app only – no customer information in other apps is ever visible.
  • Agent can point and gesture with their mouse to guide the customer through the application.
  • One-way agent video shows the customer who they are talking to for better trust and satisfaction.
  • Same Glance standard for scalability and reliability, even on older devices or weak internet connections.

Improvements and Fixes


  • Adjusted how Cobrowse gets element id's from web pages to avoid errors in some page designs.
  • Added toggleable function to Cobrowse that regularly checks if input values have updated to avoid text entries not appearing in Cobrowse sessions on some page designs.
  • Improved Cobrowse reliability for some pages that throw security errors when polling for changes in the <style> tag.
  • Added functions to Cobrowse to work around some web page designs that were preventing the agent from seeing images and resources on the page.
  • Improved Cobrowse's ability to retrieve styles on pages where styles are generated dynamically.
  • Added capability in Cobrowse to mask elements in the document head

Panorama client

  • Updated video sharing capabilities in Panorama to work with sharing a mobile device's screen.
  • Clarified error messages in Panorama for incorrect URL invocations
  • Added the capability to Panorama to join a screen share session started by an anonymous user in a group directly from the app and from a protocol handler via a web page.
  • Removed the option in Panorama to encrypt screen share sessions. All sessions are now encrypted by default.
  • Added a capability to cobrowse with a customer to a screen share join page when escalating from Cobrowse to Screen Share.
  • Fixed an issue in Panorama that wouldn't let you log out and in as a different user after authenticating via SSO.

Glance for Salesforce (2.87)

  • Added capability to Salesforce to join screen share sessions started by anonymous users in a group.
  • Fixed an issue in Glance for Salesforce that prevented you from joining Cobrowse sessions if you did not have SSO set up.
  • Screen Share Webviewer
  • The Screen Share Webviewer features better picture quality and stability over weak internet connections. It is currently only available in a few use cases, but will be more widely deployed over time.
  • Added capability to automatically reconnect to sessions if there is a drop.
  • Added new icons for a more modern user experience.
  • Built remote control functionality.
  • Fixed an issue in the webviewer that sometimes made it impossible to toggle the zoom.

4.1 Website – April 26, 2018

New Feature: Enhanced Partner API You can now provision users with Roles at scale. Create a Role in the Admin Portal with the permissions you need, then define which Role your users should have when you make the API call. See our Partner API documentation for more details. You can now retrieve user details via the Partner API with a new ShowUsers call. It works for one or many users. See documentation for details.

Security Upgrades

  • Updated our Privacy Policy for GDPR compliance
  • Changed method for joining Screen Share and Cobrowse sessions from GET to POST.
  • Adjusted Admin Portal to protect against cross-site scripting.


  • Standardized the user deletion tools across My Account, Admin Portal, and the Partner API so that Glance addresses are reusable.
  • Laid groundwork for joining screen share sessions from a web page with agent video via the Panorama client.
  • Improved accessibility for Cobrowse sessions.
  • Added "Yesterday" option to reporting tools for session history.
  • Changed Roles in the Admin Portal to display in alphabetical order.
  • Added options in Admin Portal to choose from multiple subscriptions for users.
  • Improved screen share session reliability in moments where session servers are briefly unavailable.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from starting a Show session from Salesforce in Edge.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented guests from join a keyless screen share session from the generic session join page.
  • Adjusted web service timeouts for more reliable reporting.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

4.0 Website – March 13, 2018

Overview The Glance 4.0 release includes numerous under-the-hood adjustments to our software and services which add a new capability for an individual to start a Screen Share session as an anonymous user within a certain group for an authenticated Glance user to join. This matches the model we designed for Cobrowse some time ago to fit service scenarios instead of our original model of a session host inviting guests to view content.

This structure has several key benefits:

  • Makes it easier to implement Glance Screen Sharing into native applications on desktop and mobile devices for integrated visual engagement.
  • Enables capability for agents to be able to join multiple screen share sessions at once.
  • Allows Glance administrators to get reports on agents joining sessions.
  • Better security.

Other Enhancements

  • Added capability to accept POST method for authentication when joining Glance sessions.
  • Wrote APIss for iOS to support the anonymous visitor call model for screen share and field masking (API's for Android are forthcoming).
  • Added capability to join a screen share session started by an anonymous visitor in a group with our new webviewer.
  • Built gesturing capabilities into the new screen share webviewer.
  • Improved fallback measures for when session servers are not available.
  • Optimized database queries for better performance and scalability.
  • Updated UI in client screen share viewer.
  • Added capability to Panorama client to join a screen share session started by an anonymous visitor in a group.
  • Created diagnostic tools for troubleshooting reverse screen share sessions.
  • Improved error reporting for web requests made by client.
  • Improved server selection logic for when sessions are started.
  • Adjusted the Settings page in My Account to reflect new screen share capabilities and more clearly describe permissions.
  • Added support for Glance users in multiple groups to join sessions through universal join by setting a preferred group.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented some iPhones from starting a session in certain network conditions.
  • Fixed an issue in iOS that sometimes made masked information briefly un-masked to the viewer.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes made the screen share viewer only see black when joining a session from Edge.
  • Fixed the Glance address suggestion tool when signing up for a new Glance account.

3.8.10 GlanceGuest – Feb 8, 2018

This release also includes fixes included in GlanceGuest 3.8.9.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented agents from being able to control elevated apps like Task Manager and Registry on Windows during View sessions with customers.
  • Fixed some uncommon issues that would prevent users from joining View sessions from Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a couple of uncommon issues that would make the GlanceGuest UI freeze on the desktop.
  • Fixed an issue with View sessions that threw an error on 32-bit versions of Windows 7.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented agents from using remote control when trying to View a customer's screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented agents from switching to see a different monitor when trying to View a customer's screen.

3.8.8 Website – Jan 19, 2018


  • Rewrote the language from the ground up for guests joining View sessions started by agents to view their screen to more clearly describe to guests how to download and install Glance in the latest browsers.
  • Laid hooks into join pages to support localization in the future.
  • Released a new version of the GlanceGuest client for sessions to View someone's screen. This one doesn't require your guest to have admin privileges to run.


  • Optimized some old queries to run more efficiently on our newly upgraded database.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented VoIP calls from connecting in some call routing systems.

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