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6.9 Glance Windows Client - November 8, 2023

The latest version of of the Glance Client for Windows is available now at www.glance.net/download

This client contains the following improvements:

  • The embedded browser used by the client has been changed to the new Chromium Edge-based WebView2 embedded browser to improve the security of the client.
    • The Evergreen version is now used, which receives security and other updates from Windows Update along with Edge.
    • The install package is smaller and runs the WebView2 installer if necessary.
  • Added support for N-way video within Cobrowse, like our browser-based agent viewer.
  • Branding has been updated.
  • Implemented fixes and cosmetic improvements to screen sharing of selected applications. Please contact Glance to enable this feature on your account.
  • The client is now a 64-bit application and requires Windows 11 or 64-bit Windows 10 (Version 1809 Build 17763 or greater, we strongly recommend updating to the latest Version 22H2).
  • The client uses newer versions of some Microsoft packages, the following components must be installed.

Note: The installer does not include these, which reduces the size considerably, it will offer to download them from Microsoft. You can also manually install them from the links below or using the winget command:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 16.36.32532.0

Microsoft .NET Core 6.0

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