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2017 Archive

3.8.6 Panorama – Dec 22, 2017

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Added a capability to pass the agent's name through to the customer's browser during a cobrowse session to use in customer UX.
  • Improved ability to capture cursor images.
  • Improved native viewer's ability to work with weaker Internet connections.
  • Set screen share sessions to be encrypted by default.
  • Set a framerate cap for Agent Video to optimize performance on some devices.
  • IPv6 compatibility.
  • Under-the-hood improvements for future features.

Fixes and Adjustments

  • Fixed an issue for users with remote control privileges that caused View sessions started from Salesforce to have remote control enabled, even if Glance for Salesforce was set to start with it disabled.
  • Adjusted how Panorama client for Mac handles protocols so that it can start or join sessions from web pages, even when the client has not been launched.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Panorama for Mac UI to freeze when starting a session with an invalid video device name.
  • Fixed an issue with iOS device sessions that could cause Panorama to send the screen at the wrong resolution.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the G menu to not open while cobrowsing via Panorama.

3.8.5 Website – Nov 29, 2017


  • Adjusted Glance website to accommodate the ability to cobrowse with a customer to the screen share connection page when escalating from Cobrowse to Screen Share

Security Enhancements

  • Added capability to store, organize and report on data in compliance with data purging requirements


  • Fixed an issue with VoIP that in some instances allowed agents to dial back into conference bridges that were supposed to be terminated after a completed call.
  • Fixed an issue that caused session servers to hang if the connection to the database server got interrupted
  • Fixed an issue that caused guests joining a reverse screen share session to receive the wrong client installer when the host required information from the guest upon joining
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Glance internal reporting tools from showing active sessions
  • Revoked unnecessary grant operations to read only reports formerly intended for session reporting

3.8.1 Website – Sept 27, 2017

New Feature

Customers can set the preferred version of Glance for their users to automatically download if they don't have it already. This prevents users from getting the wrong version of Glance which may not support custom settings.


  • Resolved a discrepancy between Glance's account system and Stripe that prevented customers from seeing charges to their card.
  • Adjusted how sessions end so that guests are always taken to the correct page.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent agents from escalating a cobrowse session to screen share when customers were using Safari.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented guests from getting the new Webviewer when joining screen share sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from Showing from Salesforce with single sign-on when they didn't have Glance installed.

Security Improvements

  • Locked preferences at the group level so that administrators can force users to encrypt screen share sessions.
  • Removed unnecessary redirection feature for joining sessions.
  • Resolved a production defect for handling excessive logins.

Back end Improvements

  • Improved how Glance provisions customers with Cobrowse.
  • Improved internal reports for troubleshooting.

3.8.0 – August 31, 2017

Screen Share Updates

  • Deploying Infrastructure to Enhance Web Viewer
  • Enhanced picture quality with no software download for viewer.
  • Improved framerate and performance for guests on weaker connections.
  • Future client and server updates to enable these enhancements.

Cobrowse Updates

New Feature: Agent Report a Problem

  • If agents see pages which are not showing correctly because of misconfiguration or other issues, they can report it directly from the cobrowse interface.
  • Admins can enable the agents to report a problem from their online account under Settings.
  • Problem report appears in a pop-up window that can be set aside to fill out later at the end of the call.
  • Glance collects which page it happened on, pages visited before it, browser details, time, and other info.
  • Agents can provide additional information on the problem.
  • Admins can review summaries of problems reported and reports in detail.
  • Glance can see problem reports and assist with troubleshooting.

Website Updates

New Feature: Additional Reporting Tools

  • Reports can be run by user roles.
  • Added option to export Activity Summary.
  • Added a report showing least active Glance users.
  • Session Activity .csv export columns have been renamed so they are easier to understand and use in excel pivot tables.
  • Reports UI has a new interface that can be expanded/collapsed to more easily view relevant information.
  • Adjusted Session Activity exports to count cobrowse sessions that escalated to screen share or agent video as one session

Reporting improvements

  • Created reporting tools for large-scale enterprise customers to check for potential connectivity issues.
  • Added client details of participants to session records.
  • Added details to session reports to indicate when a Cobrowse session started from Glance Presence service.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Glance admin shows enterprise customers accurate subscription status.
  • Improved security based on pen-testing results.
  • Adjusted how Billing Contacts are created and managed.
  • Session guests from uncommon locations will no longer prevent exporting Session Activity.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented trial users from seeing their changes to their account information.
  • Removed the option to export session activity for users with no session activity.
  • Updated styling for trial signup page.
  • Added a setting to control when a group can use Glance Presence service.

3.7.5 Client – July 31, 2017

Panorama Client Updates

New Feature: Show an App (Beta) Admins can control what users can show with Glance by whitelisting applications or desktops on the server through their online admin account. Users could then choose between showing a desktop, one application, or several applications at once.

User Interface Improvements

  • Adjusted the back button design in Settings so it's more noticeable.
  • Added a minimize button to the main Panorama panel, which feels better.
  • Added a feature that allows Panorama to remember which screen the user last showed.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a feature to join a screen share session and begin an Agent Video session.
  • If a user attempts to launch a Panorama function (e.g. show) from Salesforce, for which they do not have permission, user will see an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where Panorama wouldn't overwrite previous versions. (MS Windows only)

Apple Macintosh-specific Improvements

  • Fixed a rare issue where the host user on Mac couldn't take back remote control
  • AJAX Viewer Updates
  • Fixed an issue with gesturing not appearing on guest user view in some scenarios.
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