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6.23 Cobrowse and Website - May 9, 2024

Script Package

  • Added role attribute to the widget drag icon for accessibility.
  • Visitor websocket will now close if stopSession() throws an exception for any reason.
  • Increased the crossDomain helper URL timeout value to 10 seconds.
  • Resolved an exception when Cobrowsing a page with a URL that has no path.


  • Added support for data: URLs as style-src.

Cobrowse Asset Management (CAM)

  • Resolved an exception that occurred in UCAM visitor service if websocket is cancelled before subscriptions are established.
  • Resolved an exception on Agent side for CAM requests for constructed stylesheets.
  • Enhanced UCAM so that it is used for guests when the setting "Require cobrowse guest session cookie to access UCAM" is Off.

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