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6.7 SDK - December 29, 2023


  • Improved security by now connecting to Websocket using Retrofit.
  • Fixed bug where DefaultUI SDK would crash after screen rotation.
  • Resolved conflict with Jettified obfuscated library.
  • Fixed bug where ANR would occur if a Glance Init call was made to a disconnected network.
  • Modernized the current HTTP calls mechanism using the Retrofit library.
  • Fixed bug where Fullscreen Capture Mode wasn't functioning properly.
  • Resolved issue where Null Pointer Exception would occur when performing REST API calls.


  • The Glance SDK is now included in the frameworks folder for manual integration.
  • Fixed bug where Default UI integration would trigger an error on captureSession property using weak self.
  • Fixed bug where the video widget location on the visitor screen would not match what was displayed on the agent screen.
  • Resolved conflict with Presence auto-join.

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