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Performance and Features FAQ

What's the best way to view a Glance Screen Share session?

For the fastest performance, download the the Glance Client, and connect with its built in viewer by clicking the G icon and selecting SHOW or VIEW.

How much memory does Glance use?

When Glance is not in a session, it uses about the same amount of virtual memory as an instant messaging icon sitting idle (under 5MB). During a session, Glance needs as much memory as a multimedia player (15 to 20MB).

How can I record a Glance session?

Glance solutions do not come with a recording technology.

How can I get the fastest possible Glance Screen Share performance?

Below is some advice on how to get the best Glance Screen Share performance.

  • User-friendly firewall: You may want to ask your network administrator to add a simple, secure rule to your company’s firewall policy so Glance can run at peak efficiency.

  • Check your upload speed: Many small business and home office networks enjoy fast download speeds, but their upload speed is often just a fraction as fast. Slow upload speed can cause slow Glance Screen Share performance.

How can guests join my session without a Session Key?

Have your guests navigate to your Glance Address and join instantly.

  1. Click the G icon near your computer’s clock. The Glance menu opens.
  2. From the G icon, click the Gear icon.
  3. Select Session.
  4. Under Session Key, choose No key.

To join your sessions, guests browse to your Glance Screen Share address. They join immediately after entering any contact information you might require.

Glance Screen Share System and Performance Requirements

  • Glance Screen Share—Show session: A host shows their desktop screen to a guest.
  • Glance Screen Share—View session: A host views a guest's desktop screen.
  • Glance Screen Share—View & control session: A host views and controls a guest's desktop screen.

Host and guest Show session system requirements

Guests instantly join your Glance Screen Share Show session from any Windows or Mac computer or any mobile device without the need to install any software. They are also required to have internet access using any of the browsers listed here.

Does the Glance icon sitting in my system tray (near the clock) slow down my PC?

No. Glance only uses processing power during a session.

Can I switch the monitor Glance Screen Share Shows?

Yes. Your primary or main monitor is shown by default, but you can switch the monitor. Glance shows one monitor at a time, leaving your other displays private.

To show a different screen, follow the steps below

  1. Click the G icon.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to SHOW.
  3. Choose the monitor you want to show.

You can even switch which monitor shows in the middle of your session. The yellow border will appear on the monitor you choose and your guest's Glance viewer window will show the contents of newly chosen screen.

Can I download/export Glance Screen Share session information?

Yes. You can export session details as a .csv (comma separated value) text file. Import it to any spreadsheet, from any time period, for one individual or everyone in your group.

Export session information

  1. From the Glance home page, click the Log in button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Log in using your Glance Address and password.

Then follow the steps below, depending on whether you want to export details for one or multiple sessions.

To export details for one session, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Activity tab.
  2. Choose a date range that includes the session. (Account administrators can click Session number to see all sessions for that date range.)
  3. Click the session's Detail link.
  4. Click the Download link in the Guests section.

To export details for multiple sessions or for your entire group, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Activity tab.
  2. Choose a date range.
  3. To export details for one Glance Address, click the Export link in that row.

To export details for all Glance Addresses in your group (you must be an account administrator), click Export All in the row at the bottom of the page.

Can Glance solutions transfer files?

No, Glance solutions cannot transfer files.

You can reassure your security-conscious session guests that neither person can send any files during a Glance session. Should you need to transfer files, we suggest you send the files as an e-mail attachment or provide them to your guests on your website.

We can customize your Glance web pages (where guests join and finish sessions) with your logo as well as links to files on your website. Contact Glance support for details.

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