Supported Versions and Bandwidth Requirements

You may integrate Glance’s technologies into your website, customize the Glance user interface or behavior, or use Glance APIs to integrate Glance technology with other SaaS tools.

Glance’s technologies are an integral part of the Glance Visual Engagement Platform. This platform includes cobrowse, screen share, agent video, and mobile showcase services.

Glance System Requirements

Glance’s solutions are designed from the ground-up for wide compatibility. While Glance actively supports only the following browser and OS versions, most of our services are likely to work on older versions.


  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, latest and previous version.
  • Internet Explorer 11: Limited support - see below.

These are used in the following scenarios:

  • Cobrowse sessions with customers
  • Viewing cobrowse sessions
  • Viewing screen share sessions
  • Starting screen share sessions
  • Pushing client software for desktop screen share sessions
  • Viewing video streams

Cobrowse generally works in any modern browser on any operating system, as does viewing screen share sessions.

  • All browsers and other software used with Glance must support TLS 1.2.

NOTE: Glance does not recommend using its webservices in Incognito/Private modes. Private browsing modes affect how session storage, cookies, and other browser functionality work, and we do not guarantee all Glance functions will work properly when using them.

For testing purposes, Glance recommends clearing cache and cookies after making configuration changes, instead of using private browsing.

Glance Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Agent Side - Cobrowse

  • As of Jan 1, 2021 IE 11 will no longer be a supported browser for agents connecting to any type of Glance session, including Cobrowse, Screen Share, Agent Video, etc.

  • Agents using that browser and attempting to connect to a Glance session will receive an error message notifying them that they are not using a supported browser and requiring them to switch to one that is supported.

Visitor Side - Cobrowse

  • Cobrowse 4.15 (released 10/1/2020) is the last version of cobrowse compatible with IE 11.

  • Future versions of cobrowse will not support IE 11.

    • A website visitor using IE 11 and attempting to start a cobrowse session on a web property configured to use a version above 4.15 will default to 4.15. Self-hosted customers will need to implement this logic on their own.

    • Glance does not support debugging of IE 11 specific defects for new customer deployments.

  • Certain advanced features of cobrowse (e.g., cross domain cobrowsing) are not supported in IE 11 on any version of Cobrowse

Visitor Side - Screen Share

Glance supports Internet Explorer 11, current and immediate prior release.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (Windows 8.0 is not supported.)
  • macOS, latest and previous version
  • iOS 10.0 and above
  • Android OS 5.0 and above

Glance’s native software is used in the following scenarios:

  • Showing a screen
  • Viewing screen share sessions
  • Sending video
  • Placing VoIP calls (mobile only)


Glance offers a suite of visual collaboration tools. The data below provide guidance for the additional bandwidth a company may require for their particular use cases.

The rates in these tables represent service-wide averages across many enterprise customers. A company’s actual average bandwidth consumption may vary by use case. Please contact your Glance Customer Success manager for a deeper dive.

Cobrowse Bandwidth

  • Glance cobrowse session traffic briefly bursts whenever the visitor’s browser’s Document Object Model changes, then drops back to near-zero after sending the DOM changes.
  • During a cobrowse session, the visitor’s browser typically sends (uploads) to the Glance cobrowse service somewhat less than the amount of data it downloads to browse the target website.
  • (One-way) Glance Agent Video on average adds an additional 250 kbits/second from the agent to the visitor. Actual video bit rate varies with network condition and the amount of motion.
  • Glance’s service-wide average for the “browse target website” bandwidth (below) is about 50 kbits/second.

Typical average bandwidth consumption A kilobit (kbit) is 1000 bits of data, not to be confused with a kilobyte(kb or KiB), which is 1024 bytes of data. (kbits/second)

Cobrowse only Cobrowse with one-way video
Upload Download Upload Download
Visitor (browse target website) (browse target website) (browse target website) 250 +
(browse target website)
Agent 5 (browse target website) 250 (browse target website)

Mobile SDK Bandwidth

  • Glance Mobile SDK app session traffic briefly bursts up to several megabits/sec when content on the app’s screen changes, then drops to near-zero after the changes are sent.
  • If the app’s screen changes continuously for many seconds (e.g., to show an animation), Glance caps uploaded traffic from the mobile SDK at about 1000 kbits/second.
  • One-way Glance Agent Video adds on average an additional 250 kbits/second from the agent to the mobile user. Actual video bit rate varies with network condition and device speed.
  • Glance Mobile SDK continuously optimizes the agent’s view to deliver the best possible experience the network can sustain at that moment within these constraints.
  • Voice is carried either (1) out-of-band on the smartphone’s telephony app or (2) using Glance’s optional in-app VoIP client. VoIP adds 40 to 100 kbits/sec each direction, depending on the codec and quality level the mobile app developer selects.

Typical average bandwidth consumption (kbits/second).

Screen share only Screen share with one-way video
Upload Download Upload Download
Mobile SDK 50 - 140 250
Agent - 50 250 140

Screen Share Bandwidth

  • Glance Screen Share traffic briefly bursts up to several megabit/sec when content changes, then drops back to near-zero after the changes are sent.
  • If screen changes persist for many seconds (e.g., showing an animation or the agent’s webcam viewer), Glance caps traffic at about 1000 kbits/sec. Frame rate may drop accordingly.
  • For the best webcam experience, keep its video preview window small.
  • Most screen sharing sessions that do not use video change content only occasionally, leading to the typical average bandwidth rates listed below.
  • Glance Screen Share continuously optimizes each participant’s view to deliver the best possible experience for their network quality at that moment.

Typical average bandwidth consumption (kbits/second).

Screen share only Screen share with one-way video
Upload Download Upload Download
Presenter 100 - 1000 -
Each viewer - 100 - 1000

Glance Supported Versions

Product Current Version How to upgrade
Glance Client 4.16 If you are the administrator for Glance at your company, download here.
Cobrowse 4.17 Contact Glance
Glance for Salesforce 3.5 Install here.

Cobrowse Supported Versions

Glance releases new versions of cobrowse every 2-3 months on average. These releases include new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the newest version when it becomes available.

For customers who choose not to upgrade to every new release, Glance provides two years of support for each version of cobrowse. This support window starts on the date of the version’s release as noted on our help site. Customers are required to upgrade cobrowse versions in a timely manner such that the version used in production is always one that was released by Glance within the past 2 years.

Glance continually updates our servers to support the latest features, fixes, and security patches. Cobrowse versions older than two years may be incompatible with newer server versions and fail to function properly even if no changes are made on the customer website.

Should an issue arise with your cobrowse implementation, one of the first troubleshooting steps will be to upgrade to the newest version. Staying up-to-date on the version deployed in your environment will make that process smoother and faster.

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