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Scheduling a Session in Advance

Glance is designed to be used on-the-fly as the visual enabler for any conversation, so you shouldn’t need to schedule a session most of the time. Unlike traditional meeting tools, Glance is simple enough to start up and connect in the middle of a meeting or over a conference call. It only takes a few seconds for everyone to join.

If you are giving a presentation where it’s just you talking to a group instead of a freeform conversation, you might want to give everyone the details to join a Glance session in advance so that you can just focus on presenting instead of talking them through joining. You can do this by selecting Always use this key, and providing the key ahead of time to your guests.

Host a Session Without a Key

If you're not sharing any sensitive information during your meeting, this is the easiest way to host a session. Send a message to your group that says:

Join my Glance session at example.glance.net
Dial in: 702-589-8350 PIN: 5555555

  1. Before your call, Click the G icon and select the Gear icon.
  2. Go to Session. Under Session Key, choose No Key.
  3. Your guests will join as soon as they get to your Glance address.

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