Visitor and View Sessions

There are two options to view your customer's desktop on a service call:

  • An agent can host a Glance Screen Share session to view a visitor's screen.
  • A visitor can host a session from the visitor start page for the agent to join.

Choose a method that best meets the needs of your organization as detailed below.

When Should We Use Visitor Sessions?

  • Your agents need the ability to view more than one person's screen, or multiple desktops of the same person simultaneously. The visitor session includes the session key in the browser tab so that if you are viewing multiple desktops, you can clearly identify each session.
  • Your agents need the ability to transfer the service call to another agent, monitor or train an agent, or work collaboratively on a call.
  • Your organization does not want to have any Glance software downloaded on agents' computers. While you can join the visitor session from the Glance the desktop client, you can also join the session from a CRM integration or agent join page.
  • Your organization needs more robust security. Glance Visitor Sessions require the agent to authenticate with Glance credentials, so it is impossible for someone else to intrude on the call.

When Should We Host View Sessions?

  • Your organization needs the ability for unauthenticated guests to join sessions.
  • Your organization's users need the ability to switch presenters.

View Session Types

There are two types of view sessions depending on who initiates the session, the visitor or the agent.

Visitor-Initiated Session: The agent starts the session from the agent view button in Salesforce or the Glance Client.

  1. The view session code originates on agent-side.
  2. The agent gives customer glance address and code.

Agent-Initiated Session: the visitor starts the session from the agent join page.

  1. The agent gives customer Glance join page.
  2. The visitor downloads Glance, starts session, and gets code.
  3. The visitor gives code to agent.
  4. The agent joins session using agent join.

How to Set Up Visitor Sessions

If you are an agent setting up a visitor session, you must have:

  1. A panorama Special subscription or similar as well as permission to join screen share sessions started by customers. You can configure permissions by group level settings or in roles.
  2. Access to the Universal Join button in your CRM or be able to navigate to
  3. A way for customers to get to the Visitor Start page, which is found at<>.

How to Start a Visitor Session

  1. The Visitor navigates to the company's visitor start page, or the agent starts the session from the agent view button. Glance recommends setting up an easy-to-speak short URL on your domain to redirect to it. For example,
  2. Visitor Start page pushes GlanceGuest download and invokes it to start a Visitor Session in the company's group.
  3. The customer receives a session key to pass to the Agent over the phone or chat.
  4. The Agent clicks Join in their CRM, or goes to AgentJoin and enters the key.
  5. The Agent can view the customer's screen.
  6. To show another computer, Customer repeats Steps 1-3 on other computer and Agent joins that session the same way.

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