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Glance TLS Support

Executive Summary

Please upgrade your Glance users’ clients and your software to integrate your systems with Glance’s APIs to use TLSv1.2 or more recent versions. To protect your privacy and your customers’ privacy, Glance discontinued the use of TLS 1.1 on June 11, 2020.

What is this about?

It is a technical detail about how Glance (and other web applications and web properties) keep your information–and your customers’ information–private and intact on the internet. It’s a detail, but it’s important.

When you access Glance with a web browser, you use the https: prefix on web addresses; for example, you can log in to Glance by visiting https://www.glance.net/login. The https: prefix causes your web browser and our servers to exchange encrypted information over the internet connection between them. The same happens when you use your integration software and our servers to exchange information.

Encryption uses a protocol standard known as Transport Layer Security (TLS), which has several versions. As of June 2020, the available versions are TLSv1.2 or later. TLS provides both privacy and data integrity.

Glance already accepts TLSv1.2 connections, and most customers already use TLSv1.2.

If you use the Glance Client and experience any issues, verify you are using a modern browser.

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