Manage Settings

Managing Group Settings

Through the Settings tab, you can manage user privileges and settings. These settings apply to all subscribers in your group. If you want to change settings for a subset of users, Glance recommends using Roles.

These settings determinine which features and functionality users can access.

The settings tab.

Managing Role Settings

You can also customize behavior for users at the role level from the Portal tab > Role Settings.

Understanding Group & Role Settings

  • To enable a permission at the Role level, it must first be enabled at the Group level. In other words, permissions enabled at the Role level are always a subset of the permissions enabled at the Group level.

  • If a permission is changed from ON to OFF off at the Group level, it will automatically be turned off for all roles, including roles where it had previously been ON.

    • If this permission is then changed back to ON at a later date on the Group level, it will automatically restore the state of the permission at the Role level to what it was the last time it was ON at the group level.
  • If a new setting is introduced that defaults to OFF at the Group level, the first time it is turned ON at the Group level it will remain OFF by default for each role. You must turn the feature ON for each role.

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