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Glance Account Values

Your Glance account contains values that are required for integrations and setting up environments.

Glance Group ID

A Glance group ID is a unique ID, a four-, five-, or six- digit number assigned to your company by Glance. You may have separate Group IDs for your development, staging, and production environments.

To locate your Glance group ID:

  1. Navigate to glance.net and log in to your Glance account.
  2. Your group ID is listed in the top-right corner of every page.
Group ID.

API Keys

Each Glance customer account has an API key. It is used to generate LoginKeys to grant access to Glance.

  1. Log in to Glance by following these instructions.

  2. Go to the SETTINGS tab, scroll to the API Key panel at the bottom.

  3. Copy your API key.


Changing your API Key

You may change your API key. If you do, Glance rejects future LoginKeys generated with the old API Key.

  1. Click the Change it link.

  2. Choose a new API key value, either by typing it or by pressing Generate Random Key. Choose something hard to guess.

  3. Click Save Changes.

  4. Be sure to place the new API key into your software that generates LoginKeys.

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