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NOTE: The following information is for the 6.1 version of the SDK.

To update the language you need to override values in the Localizable.strings file of your app.


"glance_default_ui_presence_dialog_title" = "In-App Visual Call";
"glance_default_ui_presence_dialog_text" = "Let an agent guide you?";
"glance_default_ui_presence_dialog_no_button_title" = "No";
"glance_default_ui_presence_dialog_yes_button_title" = "Yes";
"glance_default_ui_presence_dialog_terms_text" = "<b><u>Terms and Conditions</u></b>";
"glance_default_ui_presence_dialog_text_video" = "Allow the agent to start video?";
"glance_non_default_ui_presence_dialog_title" = "Allow the agent to view this app?";
"glance_non_default_ui_presence_dialog_no_button_title" = "No";
"glance_non_default_ui_presence_dialog_yes_button_title" = "Yes";
"glance_non_default_ui_presence_dialog_show_terms_button_title" = "Show Terms";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_title" = "In-App Visual Call";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_subtitle" = "You are about to start a phone call with Customer Service.";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_title_agent" = "Your agent will be able to see your screen.";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_phone_text" = "No need to go to your phone app";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_headset_text" = "Turn on the speaker or use your headphones";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_draw_text" = "Your agent will guide you by drawing on your screen";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_video_text" = "You'll see live video of your agent but the agent won't see you";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_cancel_button_title" = "Cancel";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_accept_button_title" = "Accept";
"glance_default_ui_start_dialog_terms_text" = "By clicking <b>Accept</b>, you agree to our<br/><b><u>Terms and Conditions</u></b> and will be connected to an agent.";
"glance_video_default_ui_start_dialog_text" = "You are about to start a video call with Customer Service.\n\nWhen you tap \"Start Your Video\", your phone camera and microphone will become active, and the Customer Service agent will see your video.";
"glance_video_default_ui_start_dialog_cancel_button_title" = "Cancel";
"glance_video_default_ui_start_dialog_accept_button_title" = "Start Your Video ยป";
"glance_video_default_ui_start_dialog_terms_text" = "By tapping <b>Start Your Video</b>, you agree to our<br/><b><u>Terms and Conditions</u></b>";
"glance_video_default_ui_in_queue_text" = "In Queue";
"glance_keyboard_mask_label" = "Keyboard is showing";
"glance_background_suspend_mask_label" = "The session has been temporarily suspended. The visitor may have closed the app. Waiting for the other side to reconnect.";
"glance_background_pause_mask_label" = "Screen not being shown...";
"glance_default_ui_agent_code_text" = "Please give the agent this code:";
"glance_default_ui_in_queue_text" = "In Queue";
"glance_default_ui_cancel_text" = "Cancel";
"glance_default_ui_visitor_end_dialog_title" = "Are you sure?";
"glance_default_ui_visitor_end_dialog_message" = "This will end the Visual Call.";
"glance_default_ui_visitor_end_dialog_end_button" = "End Call";
"glance_default_ui_visitor_end_dialog_cancel_button" = "Cancel";

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