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Two-Way video

1. Install the video SDK

To use the Two-Way video, you'll need to install the Glance_iOSVideo SDK, instead of Glance_iOS, which is also available for installation via Cocoapods or Manual integration.


Add Glance_iOSVideo framework into your Podfile:

pod 'Glance_iOSVideo'

Run pod_install in your terminal:

pod install


Download Glance_iOSVideo from here.

Drag the xcframework to your XCode project and select Copy items if needed.

Make sure it was added to Frameworks and Libraries section in the General tab from your target Settings, don't forget to select the embed option Embed & Sign.

2. Initialize the SDK

Use the same initialization from Screenshare, but this time, importing Glance_iOSVideo:

import Glance_iOSVideo
GlanceVisitor.initVisitor(GLANCE_GROUP_ID, token: "", name: "", email: "", phone: "")
#import <Glance_iOSVideo/Glance_iOSVideo.h>
[GlanceVisitor init:GLANCE_GROUP_ID token:@"" name:@"" email:@"" phone:@""];

3. Enable camera permission

Add Privacy - Camera Usage Description to your Info.plist, you'll need this before starting any video calls with your agent:

4. Start Two-Way video

Before you continue, you will need to define a Session Code, which you'll need to send to your agent to enable them to connect to your session.

Then, instead of calling startSession, you need to call startVideoCall, passing the Session Code that you defined earlier:

GlanceVisitor.startVideoCall(GLANCE_SESSION_CODE, delegate: self, camera: "front", termsUrl: "https://ww2.glance.net/")
[GlanceVisitor startVideoCall:GLANCE_SESSION_CODE delegate:self camera:@"front" termsUrl:@"https://ww2.glance.net/"];
Parameter Value
_: String The session that you'll need to send to your agent
delegate: GlanceVideoDefaultUIDelegate Delegate for customizing UI
camera: String Pass "front" or "back" to set direction of the camera
termsUrl: String URL for your terms

After that, you'll see the screen below, tap Start Your Video:

Send the session to your Agent and wait until he/she accepts.

5. Testing the Agent

To confirm the integration is working, start the session and note the session key.

Now, to simulate the Agent, go to: https://www.glance.net/agentjoin/AgentJoin.aspx.

If not logged in already, the agent will be asked to login, request credentials from Glance if you still don't have them:

Now, enter the Session Code and tap Join Session:

After that, you'll be able to see your mobile device screen.

Congratulations! Now you have a video call with your Agent.

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