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Data Encoding and Streaming

Glance Screen Share's client software captures and transmits screen content using pixel-based methods. Screen changes are digitally compressed using a proprietary patent-pending codec that minimizes bandwidth and latency, while preserving sharpness. The compressed data is encapsulated in a proprietary messaging format and forwarded to each session participant.

Glance ensures each participant enjoys the best possible viewing experience, regardless of session size and network condition. Glance continuously optimizes each participant's data stream to the instantaneous speed of his or her network connection. Guests with fast connections receive as many screen updates as their networks allow. Those on slower links may need more time to receive updates, but they never fall behind.

To minimize path latency, Glance provisions each session on a server that is geographically close to the host. All session data flows through that server. With a very few exceptions, Glance sessions are encrypted. Glance uses modern Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure all connections between participants and server.

NOTE: The only sessions Glance does not encrypt are cobrowsing sessions on unsecured (http:, not https:) web sites.

All Glance Screen Content is Live

All content is live. Presenters do not upload documents or presentations beforehand. No document or file transfer is allowed. No executable code from participant computers is sent. No session content is recorded.

During remote control in a screen sharing session, the remote (controlling) computer sends its pointer's relative position, mouse actions and keystrokes to the current presenter's computer, which interprets that data locally. Clipboard commands only use each local computer's clipboard content. Clipboard content cannot be shared.

When a session ends, any transient data cached in the Glance service's virtual memory is deallocated. Only call detail records (CDRs) and log files (for debugging) persist. Neither contain session screen data.

All audio is communicated live by phone. Participants may use either their own service provider or the free Glance phone conferencing service, which is fulfilled by a Glance partner, iotum, over the Public Switched Telephone Network.

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