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How to Demo

Follow these steps after completing the setup steps in the Setup Guide.

Cobrowse should be shown as an easy-to-reach ability in the agent’s natural workflow while they are assisting a customer on the website. Cobrowse is most helpful during voice calls, but it also works well in chat.

You can join a Cobrowse session from a Lead, Contact, Opportunity, or Case record in Salesforce.

Before Your Demo

Watch this video, password showmeglance:

  • In a separate window, go to your customer’s website
  • Make sure you have the Glance Cobrowse Injector extension in the window’s Chrome profile
  • Size the window take up the right half of your screen
  • Keep it behind your main Salesforce demo window
  • Make sure you are logged into Salesforce with a User that is provisioned with Glance

Core Concepts

Here are the concepts for cobrowse you can internalize so you can speak to it effectively in your demo.

Getting Connected

At some point while helping a customer, an agent will realize that it would be a lot easier to help a customer if they can just see what they are looking at. At that point, the agent can ask the customer to do something to initiate a cobrowse session. Our customers typically put a link or button in the footer of their website that starts a session, but you can also use a hotkey combination. Once the customer starts a session, they receive a code to pass to the agent. The agent clicks Cobrowse, enters the key and clicks Connect, and they’re connected.

Staying connected

During the Cobrowse session, the agent sees exactly what the customer sees in their browser. If the customer scrolls, the agent follows along. If the customer navigates to a different page, the agent follows them there. If the customer goes to a different website, the agent does not follow because they do not have privilege to do so. But when the customer comes back, the agent joins back up.


During the session, the agent can use their mouse to guide the customer. They can Clicking highlights elements of the page to call the customer’s attention. The agent can also scroll for the customer to take them to the right spot on the page. Whatever language the customer speaks, anyone can understand “Go here next.”

Masked information

If your website has any fields with sensitive information like account numbers or credit card details, you can identify those fields and mask them so that the agent can’t see the content in them. Masked information stays in the customer’s browser and never touches the Glance servers.

Event logging

When the session is ended, an event is logged to the Case or Contact record as a Glance session. An hour later, session details will sync with when the session started, when it ended, how long it was, and some other information. You can use these events to track the impact that cobrowse has on outcomes you are tracking like NPS, FCR and CSAT. (session details in events is not available in the demo)


Cobrowse works in any browser on any device. No downloads, plugins or extensions are needed. It’s designed to work instantly and perfectly because an agent should never have to support their support tool.

Extra Tools

If you want to take some extra time equipping yourself to do Cobrowse demos, here are some resources we are happy to share with you.

Demo Backgrounds

We often use desktop backgrounds to create an illusion an agent and a customer in two different places. You can position Salesforce and the customer’s website side-by-side to show how well Cobrowse keeps up with the customers’ actions. You can find them at this link:


BetterSnapTool (Mac)

There are lots of window-sizing tools out there, but this one also lets you make pre-set snap areas so that you can quickly arrange your windows for a Cobrowse demo without having to carefully move and resize them.


ResolutionTab (Mac)

If you are giving a demo on your MacBook with a Retina display, it can get a little tight when you try to show two windows side-by-side. ResolutionTab lets you quickly change the scale of your display so that everything fits better.


Glance Client (formerly Panorama) If you would like to demonstrate our one-way Agent Video as part of your Cobrowse demo, you can do that with our Glance Client software. You will also need to make the following change to your demo org:

  1. From Setup, go to Profiles.
  2. Click on the profile of the user you will demo from.
  3. At the top, hover over Custom Permissions or search for Custom Permissions.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Enable the following permissions:
  • G4S.Agent Video
  • G4S.Glance for Salesforce – Panorama
  1. Click Save.

Now when you click Cobrowse from a Lightning Record, the client will be invoked and Agent Video will automatically launch.

If you are using Chrome, you will also need this extension.

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