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Demo Kit FAQs

How do you set up cobrowse on production?

You need to add a line of JavaScript to every web page that you want to make cobrowsable. That JavaScript tag fully equips your website for cobrowse. No software, browser extensions or plugins are needed. There are also some tuning steps like giving Glance access to custom fonts or icons being used on your website, tagging iframes, making hoverables visible etc. so that the agent has the same experience as the customer. We walk you through this setup as part of our implementation package.

You also need to add Glance’s package to Salesforce and configure that. User accounts, customizations, licenses etc. are managed in an admin portal on www.glance.net.

Which browsers does cobrowse work in?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac, PC, iOS and Android, or any other unique browser on any OS. Cobrowse is powered by the same technology for building and rendering websites, so it always works.

Can you hide sensitive customer information on the page? How?

Yes, any sensitive information you have on your website can be hidden from the agent’s view. All you need to do is identify their CSS selectors in your Glance account, or add an attribute to them in your website. Masked information never leaves the customer’s browser, so it never touches the Glance servers.

What security does Glance have in place?

Glance is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant and HIPAA compliant. All sessions are encrypted in motion. Glance does not store or capture any visual information used in sessions—we only capture metadata for sessions that took place. Glance is hosted on AWS, so we take advantage of its worldwide infrastructure and security measures.

Glance customers include numerous enterprises in healthcare, financial services and government. We are used to extensive security reviews and are happy to discuss any other questions your customers might have.

How does Glance work with call routing?

Glance works with any call routing system because the routing doesn’t matter—once a customer and agent are speaking to each other, it’s easy to escalate to a Cobrowse session with one click, or with some simple directions for the customer.

Does Glance integrate with chat?

Yes, Glance can be used with Salesforce Chat. We support both Classic and Embedded Services Chat. It requires the Lightning Experience. For more information, read our setup guide for chat.

Can Glance see anything outside of the customer’s browser?

Not during a Cobrowse session, but Glance has an option to escalate a cobrowse session to a Screen Sharing session. After a brief download, the agent would see the customer’s full screen. They also have an option to use remote control. These privileges are configurable by roles for agents at different tiers.

Can I brand Glance?

Yes, you can customize the whole thing. We have our own tools in to easily adjust colors, images, text, and styles. You can even use our API to build your own design if you like.

If you hear any other common questions from customers, please let us know and we can add answers to this list.

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