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Google Chrome 80 Release and SameSite Cookies Behavior

Impact on Cobrowse

A change to cookie handling in Chrome version 80 may cause problems for customers who embed the Glance agent viewer in an iframe. If you want to see whether this change will affect your Glance integration, and you are not sure whether this change has rolled out to your Chrome browser, set "SameSite by default cookies" to Enable in "chrome://flags" and run a test session. Use your modified Chrome browser to join the session. This is a strictly agent-side issue; there is no impact on the visitor experience during a cobrowse session.

Customers who embed the Glance viewer code in an iframe on their domain will be impacted by the rollout of this change. Agents will likely see a "401 unauthorized" error from Glance, and console warnings about the Glance cookie not being written.

If you embed the glance viewer code in an iframe on your page, please contact Glance to enable the fix.

Alternatively, agents can disable SameSite by default cookies in their agent's chrome://flags, or open the Glance viewer in a new window instead of an iframe.

Impact on Glance for Salesforce

Salesforce Orgs on the Winter 20 release will see negative impacts to some Salesforce integrations. This is not isolated to Glance, and Salesforce is aware of the issue and has a fix in place for the Spring 20 release. See this Salesforce help article for more information.

According to Salesforce, all orgs should be upgraded to the Spring 20 release before the changes in Chrome happen, and therefore there should be no issue with the Glance for Salesforce package.

If for some reason the Chrome changes happen before all Salesforce orgs are updated, there are some workaround options:

  • Agents could manually revert the change in Chrome to the previous setting
  • Agents could (temporarily) use a different browser, like Firefox

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