5.8 Website & Cobrowse - November 11, 2022

Glance now allows the agent to navigate to a URL on the visitor's behalf by clicking on a bookmark within the agent viewer. The admin can designate which websites will be available for navigation assist through the Account Management site.

Please see this page for more information regarding Navigation Assist

Drag and Drop Cobrowse Widget

The agent and visitor can now drag and drop the Cobrowse widget during a session. The widget will snap to a corner on the screen based on the quadrant it is moved into.

Role Settings for Video Background Effects

Glance administrators can now configure agent background effects based on their role. With this addition, administrators can ensure consistent backgrounds for agents in similar roles.

Please see this page for more information regarding Role Settings for Background Effects.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • The visitor can now search for text within the Cobrowse PDF viewer
  • The Account Management page now only displays tabs that are active for your group type
  • Improved mask quality of video background replacement
  • Various improvements to Cross-Domain Cobrowse
  • Added new group level permissions to prevent agents from changing their own Glance address
  • Created functionality to capture OCR data and images, resulting in improved overall OCR scanning. In addition, the OCR image data captured will be used to prepare machine learning model training data to be reviewed live with URL extraction results.
  • Stylesheets on the agent side are now served compressed when using Cobrowse Asset Management
  • Added Content Security Policy headers onto additional Glance web pages
  • Upgraded Screenshare Viewer to support Agent information for Role-based masking

Hotfix Released on 11/12/22

  • Improved video quality for sessions starting in small video and then maximizing to large video.

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