5.7 Website & Cobrowse - September 29, 2022

Screen Share for Visitors

Glance now allows the agent to give the visitor permission to share their screen when a session is escalated to Screen Share from Cobrowse without downloading or installing any software. The visitor can share their desktop, application window, or browser tab with the agent to present any necessary information.

Please see this page for more information regarding Screen Share for Visitors.

Cobrowse Customization Tool

With this release, Glance has added a customization tool for the current version of Cobrowse. This feature allows Glance Administrators to make updates to UI elements through a user-friendly interface. Customers are now able to update the following:

  • Colors for widget bars, buttons, borders, and gesturing
  • Logo icons
  • Agent cursors
  • The language, text, and font used within modals

Please see this page for more information regarding the Cobrowse Customization Tool.

Script Tag Generator

Glance has introduced a script tag generator that allows Glance Administrators to modify attributes to create a custom script tag that enables Cobrowse on websites. This convenient interface will let users fill out each individual attribute for the script tag and then generate a script that can be copied and pasted into their website.

Please see this page for more information regarding the Script Tag Generator.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Password reset emails can only be sent once an hour for a glance account
  • The guest now has the ability to zoom in on the screen being displayed during a browser based cobrowse session
  • The "Manage Your Account" site has received a facelift and has been renamed "Account Management"
  • When sharing a window with allowed sites configured, the agent now sees a banner within their Glance session indicating that their screen is loading or being shared with the visitor
  • Email address and telephone number are no longer required when updating a user's profile
  • Removed the X button from the "give the agent this code" Cobrowse modal and replaced it with an End button
  • Mulitway video now supported on Firefox
  • General accessibility updates
    • Fixed focus order to improve visual flow
    • Ensured error messages are properly conveyed
    • Fixed zooming in ratios
    • Improved color ratios
    • Improved areas where color alone was conveying status
    • Corrected logical Keyboard focus order when interacting with modal dialogs
  • Various performance and security improvements
    • Customers are no longer able to reference non-Glance web servers in resources that they upload. They must upload resources to Glance's CDN
    • Resolved XSS attack vulnerability
    • Expanded clickjacking protection

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