5.6 Website & Cobrowse - July 20, 2022

Document Sharing Improvements

  • Document Sharing links can now be assigned to a specific role.
  • Improved look and feel of Document Sharing Prompt.
  • Added the ability to allow the agent to specify which documents can be downloaded by the customer.
  • Documents now have a supported file size of:
    • XLS/CSV files limited to 5mb
    • PDF files limited to 10mb

Security Improvements

  • Visitors now generate a 256-bit token when their session starts that is required in all subsequent requests.
  • Updated Viewer Content Security Policy (CSP) to restrict insecure inline styles. Customers now have the option to allow CSPs when using custom CSS or to leave them inactive for added security.
  • Restrict Inline Frame (Iframe) elements from being displayed unless they are from a trusted domain.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Visitors can now choose a different camera by selecting the gear icon during Cobrowse if they have an error accessing their primary camera.
  • Updated ShowUsers API call to include account creation date, last session activity date, and last date of authentication to Glance.
  • Added session setting option to prevent a single agent from joining the same session twice.
  • Tooltips now appear when hovering over role settings.
  • Admins can now view the version of Glance Cobrowse being used on the Summary tab.
  • Added Microsoft Edge to the browser extension section of the install page.
  • Transferred Video Background Effects to the Video Settings page and added a setting to configure video size at session start.

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